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The Concepts of Salvation in Christian Doctrine

Salvation based on Christian belief is all in the protection of Jesus Christ. Salvation can only be done if someone has believed or believed in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this section, we believe that one day we will unite with the Father who believes in Christians. In Christian Teaching, there is a concept of salvation or soteriology that explains a spiritual experience with God. There is a way to obtain salvation according to the Christian faith, which is based on the 12 concepts of salvation or the symbol of salvation. These concepts do not increase or overlap one another. these concepts, you can see below. 1. Concept of Choice The first concept of salvation is the concept of choice or interpreted in English as Election. In this concept God chose someone who could be saved to later become a member of the body of Jesus Christ. In John 6:44, God has the right to make choices and humans are free to respond. 2. Substitute Concepts Next is the concept of sub

True Christian Character According to Bible Teaching

To fulfill the character as a Christian leadership must meet the standards to be a character that is faithful and godly and will still be in accordance with God's righteousness in the principles of the church against politics. In addition to meeting the needs of Christian leadership, it is required to begin to develop the godly character that is in common people to live the humanity and leadership that they can do according to the law of love in the Bible. There is a problem in the current era and many make the teachings and spiritual values ​​that everyone has by committing crimes in accordance with the history of Christianity. Many accuse that with what has happened according to the evidence and facts that have been determined. In the article first emphasizes that the Bible will always remind some sectors that have a bad character will get development in the last days. (Read 2 Timothy 3: 1-5) True Christian character will make us see from a different perspective, to be abl