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Understanding the Fear of God in the Bible

God is a King who deserves respect from us as humans. Indeed, it must be admitted that no matter how close we are to Him through prayer, we are still sinful humans. As for Him, He is very pure without the slightest sin. Therefore, if it is logical, we are not worthy to draw close to Him. He is holy while we are very dirty. This can be exemplified as a rotten egg which is forced to be cooked together with an egg that is in good condition. Based on reasoning with logic, of course this can damage the quality of the good eggs. Despite their numbers, the good eggs outnumbered the bad eggs. This of course can also be associated with humans as the image or face of God. In fact, this example can also be linked to our good deeds. Even though we have a million good deeds, deliberately or not, we commit one sin, we still have the status of sinners, even sinful. Therefore, it is fitting for us to keep our behavior before Allah. Behavior that is full of sin, in addition to making God cry can al

The Good Way to Pray the Rosary

 Many non-Catholics think that the Rosary is a prayer to Mary, but that is a big mistake. Mary is only as a prince of actual prayers Rosary prayers are prayers to the Lord Jesus. Many Catholics are reluctant to diligently pray the Rosary because they are lazy, busy and so on. But you need to know that the Rosary is the most heard prayer because of the frequent occurrence of miracles of life for those who have felt it. With our routine prayer the Rosary makes us never stop giving thanks and make requests to the One and Only God. All the prayers in the Rosary are converted into one prayer. The Rosary Prayer is a prayer that is indeed sourced from the Scriptures, recognized and encouraged by the Catholic Church. Routine rosaries are usually carried out in each ward that has been divided by the church per domicile, each ward has several families and from there it has been scheduled by the ward leader when the time and placement of the Rosary prayer per day, please note that every Chri

Signs of Death According to Christian

We often interpret death by stopping the physical function of the body. We never know when we will experience physical death. At 1 Thessalonians 4:13, Paul says to the Corinthians, "From now on, we do not want, brothers, that you do not know about those who have died, so that you may not be sad like other people who have no hope." The Bible never tells what signs that someone is going to die. God wants us to live with the hope that there is still tomorrow. However, in our life, death is not just physical death. There is another death which we usually refer to as spiritual death. This spiritual death is what God intended in Genesis 2:17, "but do not eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for on the day you eat it, you will surely die." We know that after Adam and Eve ate the fruit of that knowledge, they did not experience physical death. They experience spiritual death, meaning they are separated from God. The Bible itself gives the following signs of spiri