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Biblical Christian Ethical Principles

   As Christians, it is important for us to have and be involved in a fellowship as a group where we can get to know each other and we can pray for and motivate one another and we will grow together in Jesus Christ and know the church's principles regarding politics. So it must be how Christians must have principles to live life and indeed they should be in a fellowship so that it can run well. This article will explain how the principles of Christian ethics written and regulated in the Bible comply with the law of love in the Bible.      Openness (1 John 1: 7) Allah has the nature of light and in that light there is nothing to hide. This also applies in the fellowship, openness is something that must be prioritized in order to establish a good fellowship in accordance with the history of Christianity. The openness that is carried out in the community is the beginning of raising honesty and also the existence of trust that exists among members of the community and is the goal of Ch

The Christian Law Teaching Kills According to the Bible

   The law of killing and killing behavior does not have any teaching that will justify it. The Lord Jesus can provide a moral and ethical revolution, while refining morals to their source and recognizing the church's principles regarding politics. According to Christian teachings, sin does not begin with actions, but can be seen from thoughts, feelings and desires. For the Lord Jesus, not only murder but seen from the roots that will start from the anger and hatred that is in the heart. Starting from anger and hatred, killing behavior will occur. We must be able to endure the hatred that is in our hearts to be able to prevent actions that end up committing grave sins and claiming someone's life. Because anger and hatred are at the root of murder and the devil becomes the father of the murderer. Starting from a murder must be investigated and that must be eradicated and punished. The Lord Jesus will not tolerate the crime of murder, regardless of the reason and whoever God they

The Purpose of Christian Fasting as a Need for Faith

  There are many theories explaining the biblical origin of sin. But apart from that, we ourselves as humans do tend to fall into sin many times. Because of this sinful state, humans are actually aware that their relationship with God will be further away. And because of that there are many things that humans do to help restore their relationship to God. Starting from praying to doing forgiveness of sins in Christianity. It is known that there are fasting activities carried out by the religions that we know. Even though the fasting performed by our fellow believers looks stricter, it turns out that many religions practice fasting as an activity in their worship rituals. This is done because there are indeed many purposes of fasting that have many benefits for those who are fasting and in the following I will share information about the purpose of Christian fasting for you. 1. Help grow faith The purpose of the first Christian fast is to help grow the faith of the people. By fasting, we

Characteristics of the Kingdom of God in Christian Life

   The kingdom of God is a government led by Jehovah God, which means the passion and death of Jesus. Mark 1: 14-15 reminds us of how Christians repent and God's promise to believers of the gospel because the kingdom of God is near. Matthew 4:17 also reminds us of the same thing, namely repenting because the Kingdom of Heaven is near. When the Lord Jesus Christ was in this world. The teachings He often taught the disciples and the crowds were about the kingdom either using the words Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven. In Matthew 13, Jesus gave 7 parables or biblical illustrations about the Kingdom of God. Jesus used objects as a medium to tell His parable, namely mustard seeds, yeast, pearls, and wealth. These four objects are not obtained instantly but need a long and long process and not for a moment. Mustard seeds and yeast explain the process of God's Kingdom in the world as described below, then the treasures and pearls explain the human reaction to the Kingdom of God its

The location of Heaven according to the Bible

   In the Bible it says that Jesus was taken up to heaven as written in the book of Mark 16: 19 so that the argument that heaven is not on earth is getting stronger. Furthermore, it is also known that Our Lady was taken up to heaven because of Christ's merits. Even though we humans cannot know the exact location of heaven, we know heaven is a place. In the last days, the bodies of the dead will experience a resurrection, that is, all those who have died will receive their bodies again to be judged at the final judgment. The outcome of the final judgment will determine whether the person will go to hell or go to heaven. Confessing guilt is one way of repenting Christians and is the first step to entering heaven. So where is heaven? Many people have asked this question and it is often debated. There are many perceptions about the location of heaven but again how everyone understands it. Many opinions regarding the picture of heaven, for example:      Catholic teaching According to th

Differences of Church and Social Institutions

  The church has a meaning as an association of people who believe in the Lord Jesus, and therefore the Church is also called a member of the body of Christ. So, the Church is not just a mere building but refers more to the fellowship of the faithful. Meanwhile, a social institution is an institution that regulates procedures or procedures aimed at meeting basic human needs and has the aim of creating order in society for a better life condition or atmosphere. The existence of rules or procedures that must be followed by members of the institution itself basically aims to achieve the same goals as well as possible. Some examples of social institutions are families, schools, and various organizations in society. Until now, there are still many people who think that after the goals of Church reform have been achieved, the Church is the same as a social institution. Although the Church also has a social function, the Church is not actually a social institution. In order to study and under

The Church's Principles of Politics According to Biblical Teachings

   In all aspects of life we ​​will definitely experience it and in our attitude we must conform to the teachings that we believe are in accordance with the history of Christianity. In the Bible everything has been taught and told in accordance with Christian teachings that must be emulated. Christians have a responsibility to create social, economic, political, cultural and other justice in accordance with common ideals in the world. It must be seen how the church's principles apply to the aspects of life in the present. For example, what is the church's principle of politics, the meaning of politics itself is knowledge related to state administration which is the act of the government to act and make policies in a country. This article will explain what kind of church principles will be applied in relation to political life. Christian Principles in Political Life     Giving love to God, to oneself and fellow humans and to the universe is a law of love in the Bible.     With a