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The Relationship of Christian Faith With Science And Technology

    As Christians, we also have to keep up with the era of development, one of which is science, which grows faster every time. The development of science is marked by the development of increasingly sophisticated technology and makes it easier for us to carry out activities and recognize church principles towards politics. God never limits or even prohibits humans from developing knowledge, even God has given gifts to humans to be talented to be developed for work. (Matthew 25:14-30). Technology is a blessing given by God to us, although sometimes it is misused by humans and causes sin according to the law of love in the Bible. Therefore technology must be made to help live life and get through the trials of life that are felt. Science is not a goal but a tool for us to achieve our goals which of course remain on the way of Jesus according to the history of Christianity. We must not be controlled by technology, but we must master technology in order to stay fit for the purpose. It is

The Relationship between Christian Faith and Economics According to the Bible

  The relationship between economics and Christian faith is evident from the economic principles and teachings of Jesus which teach His followers not to lose the joy of life because of wealth (Luke 6:24-25; 18:24-25) and can lead to a cheap life. heart 9luk. 18:22), this is because Jesus accepted the teachings of the Torah about the Father's absolute ownership of property and responsibility for the stewardship of man over his property and recognized the church's principle of politics. But what must be noted is that Jesus has stated that in Him who is in His life, teachings and works, all the Father's purposes and all power in the heavens and on earth rest and walk, realizing the Father's economy in a creation for the new people. . People in the new covenant are part of the Father's kingdom, people who enjoy the enactment of the Father's government that frees them, this is what allows people to enjoy life to the fullest and fully and can be grateful for every gif

The Relationship of Christian Faith and Politics

  Politics is talking about policies to achieve good. Politics does not only talk about the administration of the nation and state. Politics also exists in organizations and communities. In the smallest level, humans also do politics. The lowest level is family. In a small family, there is a father, mother and a child. The father is the head of the family, the mother is the companion of the father, and the child is a member of the family. In the family, father, mother, and children also carry out policies. Each family member has their own duties. My father makes a living for the family. Mother takes care of household and financial matters. Meanwhile, the child helps the mother take care of the household. If there is a shortage of money, the mother maneuvers by participating in making a living. So, politics is about policy in the community, organization, and the highest level, namely the state. Politics exists in all spheres, both liturgical and family elements. However, that's not

Christian Religion Pluralism Viewpoint Through Ethics and Morals

  Pluralism is a condition in which the existence of something diverse. In the context of Christian religious pluralism, this can also be interpreted as the existence of a religion or Christianity that accepts and acknowledges the existence of religious diversity. Once again, in the context of our article this time, Christian religious pluralism is how from the point of view of Christianity which accepts this pluralism. Basically, Christianity itself accepts pluralism in religion and even in its teachings it is also taught to have tolerance between one another.  In Christianity itself, there are indeed several approaches to accept this pluralism. Some of the approaches are in the form of exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. To understand these three things, you must first know some points of view on the acceptance of pluralism itself. And in the following, I will share some points of view on pluralism in the Christian faith that can help you understand further and be open-minded ab