The Meaning of Catholic Bible Study of Prayer

In Indonesia, of course every person has a religion in which their rights in religion and carrying out their religious regulations are protected by the law. That is why everyone in Indonesia must have prayed because that is what was taught to them since they were little. There is no religion that has evil intentions and every religion certainly has its own way of glorifying God. Of course in Indonesia it is expected that there is tolerance in religion especially if there are 2 religions that are next to each other but must still be used as a container in worshiping the Almighty.

For followers of Christ, both Christians and Catholics, of course they are also expected to be able to carry out the rules of their religion. The deepening of the Catholic Bible about prayer is one of the things that is very close in these two religions. The Catholics believe strongly in the efficacy of prayer. Prayer is believed to change everything. Therefore, many Catholics who pray to get closer to God. That also happens to Christians. This article will discuss the deepening of the Catholic Bible about prayer for Catholics.

The Meaning of Prayer in Bible Study

Praying means communicating with God, praising and revealing the mistakes you have made. In addition, you can also convey your desires and plans to God so that God can help you to make it happen. However, there are still many people who do not really believe in the power of prayer where they continue to focus on their strengths. However, you need to know that whatever your plan, only God can make it happen. Therefore, when you do not want God's intervention, of course He will show you how much power He has for your dreams, as follows are some interior Bible meanings in prayer:

    It is also necessary for you to know that indeed God already knows all your plans and desires. However, He longs for you to ask Him. However, don't get me wrong.
    By praying with all your might and every day will also be in vain if not followed by effort. Indeed, even without your efforts God is able to make it happen.
    However, God wants you to fight because it is true followers of Christ who are destined to fight to the end. Do not ever interpret prayer as a mantra. Prayer is only a form of your communication with your God. Therefore, do not be surprised even though you have prayed diligently, but your desire has not yet been achieved.
    As a people of Christ, surely you already know the contents of Matthew 7: 7. In that verse, God emphasizes that you are someone who is loved by God to whom you have access to what you want.
    When you ask, you will get. The door will also open when you knock on it. Do not worry when you have to struggle hard in searching, because God has promised to help you find what you are looking for. The key is to pray and believe in God's power.

Admittedly, indeed when we really want something and we struggle hard to get it. We have also prayed and asked God. However, the reality is so bitter. Your wish was not fulfilled. Brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus, don't be rash. God is omniscient. He understands and understands what you deserve. He who knows better about what you need. Therefore, do not continue to be sad. This is also found in verse 11 of the same article as before. The verse confirms that the Father did his best. He gives you what is good for Him for you to have. Maybe this has happened to you who failed the College Entrance Examination of your choice. Or even you were refused to work for the company of your dreams. Believe that Father loves you. He will replace that little thing with something very big, and certainly in His right time.

Forms of Prayer in Bible Study

"Father, don't leave me". Maybe that is one of the contents of your prayer when you are in the deepest valley in your life. Life is not only about happiness but how you see the distress becomes happiness. When happy, humans often leave and forget God. Then God has His own way to make you aware that God misses you. God also wants you to take part in your world affairs. That is why, one day you experience deep sadness. But you know. Allah only wants to teach you a lesson for your good, as follows the forms of his prayer:

1. Strengthening Prayers

Very often when you are no longer wanted by your environment, you cry constantly to God to find the path of truth and the way out of the pain. It doesn't matter if you really have to live alone because God also tells you to leave everything that you have, even your parents. So, don't continue to be sad when you fall, as follows some comments from prayer strengthen:

    Sometimes the wound gives us experience so that the deterrent falls so that it does not fall back on the same wrong. In fact, God is also teaching you what strength a Catholic must have.
    Are you aware that you really often ask for strength in your prayers? Yes. This is how God gives you that power. Speaking of the case, in fact the same thing had happened to Paul that had happened earlier.
    Paul was someone who was very physically weak. At that time he had a disease that made him really fall. However, he still believes that God has never broken. He remained faithful until God gave him strength.

As an illustration, it is when you are on a long journey. On the way, suddenly you have to face a mountain. God certainly will not grant your request that you want the mountain to move by itself. Prayer is not something that makes someone lazy in trying. Therefore, the Father gives you the strength to pass the mountain. Look and feel the double benefits where you get more strength and can continue your journey.

Another illustration of prayer is something dangerous that happens when a mother is in danger. The aircraft on board was threatened to fall due to a fire in the engine which made the aircraft's performance weak. The mother continued to chant sincerely from the bottom of her heart. Someone saw it and laughed. He used his logic and logic because the plane had to fall. He kept laughing at the mother until she gave an answer that prayer made him know where the next destination he would go, namely Heaven. Indeed, as a person who believes in Christ, we often get ridicule from our surroundings, especially with those who are not about God, not about the Son, and do not know the Holy Spirit.

2. Prayer as a Foundation

Like a map, prayer is also worth doing as your direction. You certainly don't want to get lost when you travel. Likewise with your trip on earth. You certainly don't want to spin around like you are losing direction even though you already know where you need to go. By praying, your path becomes clearer, no longer black and dark. That happens because God took part in your journey while on earth, as follows are some of the foundations:

    It feels very unfortunate when you only use it at certain times. You are not charged anything to pray.
    You are free to ask God without any anger from Him because you are asking for something that is unreasonable and too high.
    He is very good for you. Even when you forget Him and get lost in a dim road, He comes with a light that is able to illuminate your steps.

When you live in the world, you certainly have to get used to feeling disappointed. Many disappointments that make someone leave, even leave the creator. It's okay to be disappointed, crying is fine. However, God is very sad when you leave Him. Don't forget to correct yourself. God does not see who you are and how you are capable of wanting something. But, God is very calculating how hard you try. God also counts your tears. His love that really makes you worthy of being His followers.

How To Start Preaching Pray

Pray is a form of communication that does not have to be forever in the form of words and conversations by mouth. Your deeds are also considered a prayer for God. Therefore, it is very unfortunate if you sing good prayers in words but you still do evil to your neighbor. Everyone has power over you before God. It could be that the prayers of people you have hurt are heard by God. Or even you are lazing around so that God doesn't give up on your plan. Praying doesn't have to be long, complete or anything. The perfection of the prayer that you pray is visible from your own sincerity.

Thus the article about the deepening of the Catholic Bible about prayer. With this article, it is hoped that you will be able to recognize the prayers that you have been praying for. Good luck.

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