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History of the Sabbath Until Today

We must have heard a lot about the Sabbath. In this article, I will try to explain the history of the Sabbath, and why many Christians observe the Sabbath on Sunday. The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, which is Saturday. The Sabbath is the only day mentioned in the Bible as a day of worship and rest. Most Christian churches worship on Sunday, the first day of the week. Gradually, the first day of the week (now called Sunday) grew in prominence as an additional day, but it was eventually appointed to replace the Sabbath by the civil and religious authorities. The first legal code to legalize this was the Law of Constantine of 321 AD. For the next several centuries, there were still people who observed the Sabbath in secret. The Development of the Established Sabbath in the Old Testament The seventh-day Sabbath has a lot of history in the entire period of human history that the Bible summarizes. In Genesis 2:1-3 it is stated that God finished his work in forming the earth and all

Life in Heaven According to Christianity in Bible Teaching

   Have you ever imagined how the Kingdom of Heaven will be? Or maybe you are satisfied with the assurance of salvation and eternal life? Well, for those of you who are curious, I will outline what life in heaven is like. Each religion may have its own picture of heaven. For example, Judaism, their teachings explain that in heaven humans can find peace, so that they are more able to feel the presence of the father than on earth. While Hinduism says that heaven is a temporary stop, before humans are reborn on earth or reach Nirvana, a place more beautiful than heaven. Islam describes heaven as a very beautiful place, where rivers flow, white light shines and smells sweet, and there are beautiful wives. And atheists, people who don't believe in God, think that heaven is just bullshit. Then, how is life in heaven according to Christianity? Since we believe that the Bible is the only source of Father's truth, we will use the Bible as a basis for knowing how life in heaven is like.

The Purpose of the Lord's Supper in the Christian Life

  The Holy Communion or what is commonly called the sacrament of the Eucharist by Catholics is a sacrament that is a direct command of Jesus. Both Catholics and Protestants observe the holy communion as an important sacrament because it is the pinnacle of faith in the Christian life. In the Catholic tradition, the Eucharist is performed weekly. Whereas in the Protestant stream, the holy communion is performed only on big days. For example, at the beginning of the month or the end of the month. And those who can enjoy the holy communion are those who have performed the sacrament of baptism. The basis for the administration of the sacrament of Holy Communion is found in the Bible, namely in 1 Corinthians 11: 24-25. In that verse Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of Me. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me!" From this verse we can conclude that Jesus' request was not only addressed to His disciples at that time, but also to His followers in the future.

The Purpose of the Sacrament of Marriage in Catholic Life

  In Catholic teaching, marriage is a sacrament, which is a sign of God's love for humans. The sacrament of marriage in the Catholic church means an agreement between a man and a woman to form a life together. This sacrament is a blessing ceremony for couples who have both been baptized, and will be completed with intercourse. Since then they have become one flesh and cannot be separated. The Bible itself says in Genesis 2:20. The relationship between husband and wife is also described as an inseparable bond of love between Christ and those who believe in Him. So often the church is reluctant to perform the sacrament of marriage for those who have previously been married. However, in the Old Testament there are many practices that are not in accordance with the will of the father in terms of marriage, namely polygamy. This is due to human weakness and is not part of the Father's plan. In the new covenant the Lord Jesus said, because of the hardness of the hearts of the Israelit

The True Way of Fasting Protestant Christians

  Fasting is an important activity to further build spiritually and also helps in daily life, but there are some important things that must be paid more attention to when fasting. The focus of fasting on Christians lies not only in their routine, but also in their approach to God. The following are some of the true ways of fasting in the most correct Christians as your guide. For starters, determine the initial reason for your fasting, whether to add to the experience from a spiritual perspective, for guidance, to get healing, to solve a problem or to get answers in problems that are being experienced. Ask for help from the Holy Spirit to clarify all your problems and also His purpose so that you can pray more specifically and your request can be stated clearly. Fasting in Christians means humbling ourselves before God and allowing the Holy Spirit to move our hearts, awaken the church and restore our country and this is the main focus when you fast. Types of Christian Fasting There are

The Meaning and Origin of Easter

 Many anniversaries are celebrated by Christians, starting from the day Jesus came into the world and also the day Jesus died. The birth of Jesus, which is often known by many people and various other people also know, has given a lot of meaning to Christians. Also Easter gives an interesting message to us Christians who believe in the resurrection of the Savior to heaven. There are so many meanings and messages that Jesus conveyed at the moment of this Easter celebration, Jesus teaches us that we always remember the teachings that Jesus has given. Easter is a celebration celebrated by Christians, the same celebration is held with great gusto as in the celebration of Christmas which he also celebrates. But if we know Christmas is a celebration of joy and brings joy to everyone. While Easter is the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ the Savior. Jesus who was born to save this world, also had to give up His life so that his children would be saved from major sins. The Meaning and M

The Meaning of Christmas History Traditions December 25

    This Christmas is one of the Christian celebrations that is always celebrated every year which falls on December 25. The meaning of Christmas itself was first used in Portuguese, which means birthday. However, some places celebrate Christmas not only on December 25, the Orthodox church celebrates Christmas which falls on January 6. Christmas itself is often referred to as the birth of a Savior, who will save us from misery and from the death of our sins. Before Christmas falls on December 25, the previous Christmas is celebrated on January 6. However, many are protesting the issue of the day of the fall of Christmas. On January 6 in Europe, the day is commemorated as the day of worship of the sun god. Pope Liberius replaced the new anniversary Christmas in about 325-354, which made Christmas December 25th. The more people who warn Christmas to be December 25th, the more Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Then, December 25 was made the official date of Christmas

The Meaning of the Sacrament of Holy Oil in Catholic Life

  One of the rituals found in Christianity is the sacrament. The sacrament is a means of bestowing grace on the believer. In the Catholic stream itself there are seven sacraments by way of worship of the Catholic religion, each of which has a specific meaning, one of which is the sacrament of holy oil. Of the seven sacraments are divided into three types, namely initiation, healing, and calling. The sacrament of holy oil is included in the types of sacraments of healing. There are two stages in the implementation of this ritual. First, the liturgy of the word, then second, the anointing of the holy oil performed by the priest by applying the blessed oil on the forehead and hands of the sick person. In the early Catholic church hierarchy, the sacrament of holy oil or commonly called the anointing of the sick was performed only for someone who was dying or nearing death. The goal is to send man to the next life. As a result, many people are afraid to partake of this sacrament, so the mor

The Meaning of the Sacrament of the Eucharist in Catholic Life

  The Eucharist is one of the sacraments/rituals in Catholicism which is routinely performed every week during worship. The Eucharist is also considered the source and summit of all Christian life. The term Eucharist comes from the Greek word meaning to give thanks or to give thanks. Its implementation is identical with the presence of bread and wine. This is because of the meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ himself which asks His people to make bread and wine in remembrance of Him. There are some people who still question why the Eucharist is performed. There are three reasons why Catholics celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist. First, because they want to obey the commandments of Jesus. Second, the Lord's Supper is the last message of Jesus. And lastly, the Eucharist that is carried out with the whole congregation aims to make the congregation always remember God's saving work. This is the meaning of the sacrament of the Eucharist:     Reminder of God's saving work B

True Christian Character According to Bible Teaching

  To fulfill the character as a Christian leadership must meet the standards to be a character of faith and godliness and will still be in accordance with the path of the father's righteousness on the principles of the church towards politics. In addition, to meet the needs of Christian leadership, it is required to begin to develop the godly character that exists in ordinary people to turn on the human side and leadership that they can do according to the law of love in the Bible. There are problems nowadays and many make teachings and spiritual values ​​that everyone has by committing crimes according to the history of Christianity. Many claim that with what has happened, it must be in accordance with the evidence and facts that have been determined. In the article it is emphasized that the Bible will always warn that some sectors that have bad character will develop in the last days. (Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5) True Christian character will make us see from a different perspective, t

Bible's view Against Materialism Impacts

  Materialism can be understood as material, objects or everything that is visible and can be seen. So materialism can be interpreted as a view of life that is used to find the basis of everything including human life that exists in the material realm, and put aside everything that transcends the realm of the senses and to recognize the church's principles of politics. Materialism is identical with people who are discriminatory, stingy, like to underestimate others and worse just want to be close to others by looking at the profit and loss side and not willing to sacrifice with others according to the law of love in the Bible. So what is the Bible's view of materialism, this article will discuss it clearly and briefly.     Proverbs 15:16 "Better is a little thing with the fear of the Lord, than a lot of wealth with anxiety."     Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is more valuable than great wealth, and people love you better than silver and gold.”     Ecclesiastes 5:9 “Whoeve

Examples of Culture To Suit Christian Faith

  The testimony that exists in the Bible with related matters regarding the presence of Christianity in the midst of human culture. Without realizing it, culture has taken root in our lives, depending on our background, where we grew up, how we were raised and many others and know the church's principles towards politics. Therefore, the existence of culture related to religious life must be synchronized in order to realize harmony and balance in living social life, including culture related to the Faith of Christ in accordance with the law of love in the Bible, namely:     Views of life The view of life referred to here is like seeing the beliefs that a person has in his religion will definitely have an influence on his view of life in accordance with the history of Christianity. Attitudes, goals, and value systems that occur in a person's life will be influenced by his outlook on life. This fact is a challenge that is quite burdensome to preach the gospel. This is due to the i

Examples of Sins in Christianity that You Need to Avoid

In our daily life, we are not far from things or actions called sin. Do you understand the meaning of sin according to the Bible before we discuss some examples of sin in Christianity further? If not, then I'll remind you again. Basically, sin is anything we do and it makes us farther from the Father. In other words, sin is our act of rejecting the Father's love for us. Doing more and more sins will make our relationship with the Father more tenuous. One way that we can do to restore a good relationship with the Father is to do a confession of sins or what is also known as the forgiveness of sins in Christianity. To help you know concretely about some examples of sins, so here I have some real examples that you can avoid in order to make our personality better. 1. Worrying about tomorrow Let's start the first example with what we do often. It is the worry we have about tomorrow. Whether it's worries about what food to eat tomorrow, how to get money to meet daily needs,