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What Does the Ideal Christian Family Look Like?

   When it comes to goals, most people definitely have different goals from one another. Not surprisingly, the definition of the ideal Christian family presented by the subscribers of the Christian website is different. The answers actually describe dreams and give a little picture of their experiences with their families. If you're reading this article right now, you can guess that you want to know what the ideal family according to the Bible is like. But maybe you will be a little disappointed because the answer is NO. Yes, there is no ideal family, not even in the Bible. In the Bible, you will find examples of ideal Christian families that are far from perfect, some of which are:     Abraham and Sarah's Family Imagine you are a wife who is asked to lie about her marital status because your husband is afraid of being killed. How do you feel? Sarah felt the same way when Abraham was asked to lie when they were in the Land of Egypt (Genesis 12:10-20; 20:1-18).      The Family o

Challenges of the Church Today and How to Overcome Them

  Clearly, the challenges of the postmodern era are getting bigger and bigger before our eyes. Is there a place for a biblical view of the postmodern age? Do we share their beliefs and values ​​by responding to logical responses to the challenges of today's church and how to overcome them? Broadly speaking, there are 3 most critical challenges that Adventist Christian youth must face are as follows:      External challenges The existence of the postmodern era in a new era that gave rise to a new morality with personal standards, such as LGBT, homosexuals and polygamy. This personal standard has become the new religion replacing Christianity. This is contrary to God's design in the creation of Man (Genesis 2:18). Issues of religious radicalism, such as propaganda, terrorism and various movements carried out by a group of people who have the heart to act extreme. This seems to corner every church. Not only that, this also raises symptoms of religious intolerance and fanaticism as