Is it permissible to marry a widow according to Christianity?


Many have said that love is blind, because it does not look at who is loved and how it is. Many believe, many also oppose this view of love. This also applies to couples who will marry a widow or widower. Is it in accordance with the rules that have been taught in Christianity? Does this contradict the Word of God? In the history of Christianity, the most important thing is to get closer to God and carry out his mandate according to the law of love in the Bible. In this article, we will briefly and clearly explain whether it is permissible to marry a widow according to Christianity. Therefore, several verses in the Bible will be explained that discuss marriages carried out with widows or widowers, let's look at what will be explained below:

    In the Bible it is stated explicitly that "for the children of God, there is no divorce". Even though the background of choosing a mate is wrong (with unbelievers, even with those who are not afraid of the Word, it means the possibility of behaving abusively, rudely, cruelly, and so on (I Cor 7:12, I Pet 3:1). Lord, that event must be believed with the attitude, "what God has joined together, let not humans separate" (Matt 19:6). In essence the Bible does not regulate divorce, and does not allow it under any conditions and reasons. This must be planted and must be a reference by every child of God in living their lives as Christians in order to reflect true Christian character.
    Even though the rules have been regulated thus, the condition of faith and maturity possessed by God's children does not always run well. So that in reality it never goes as smoothly as the plan and is no longer able to survive with the various causes and reasons behind the divorce. This is usually the biggest factor why divorce is very common and difficult to avoid. That is what the Lord Jesus called “because of the hardness or hardness of your heart (Matthew 19:8). “Desire revives boredom with a partner, and continues adultery with a third person. So in such a context, and in order to prevent "manipulation of the Word", this verse explains that divorce is not much different from committing adultery, so that people who have married individuals who have become enlightened are those who commit adultery (Matt. 5:32, Mark 10:11-12). Paul has also said that, “Those who are divorced must remain celibate or reconcile with their spouse (1 Cor 7:11). This seems to explain that there really is no choice or possibility for divorce. This teaches about the benefits of praying for Christians to make the Christian's life goal.

It is true that the truth of God's Word will always be absolute and absolute. However, how to study events with testimonies from the experiences of people who have believed in their ups and downs and will see God's mercy that has been given to us. “The greater the sin, the greater the grace of God” (Romans 6:1).

This is an explanation of whether it is permissible for a person to marry a widow according to Christianity. As we have seen, where all the marriages that have occurred and the divorces that have been carried out are a reflection of an unforgivable sin. It is true that sinners see that love is blind and will be difficult to fight for and account for. However, for people who have repented, a divorce that has occurred is one of the opportunities given to be able to start a new, better life.

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