The Symbols of the Catholic Sacrament of Baptism and Their Explanations


Talking about the Christian church will certainly never be separated from talking about the sacraments. The sacrament itself is a sign and means of salvation given by the Father to us through sacrament ministers such as priests or priests. In the Catholic Church, there are seven sacraments, namely Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Eucharist, Priesthood, Marriage, and anointing. While in the Christian church itself is also known by the existence of two sacraments, namely the sacrament of Baptism and the sacrament of Holy Communion. The sacrament of baptism in the teachings of the catholic church can be administered to someone at any age, even from infancy, so it is also known by the existence of infant baptism.

Whereas in the Christian church, the sacrament of baptism will be given to those who are steady and willing to accept God, so it is not uncommon when you meet Christians who have been baptized who are at a mature age. And because of these two things, it is also known that there is a difference between immersion and splash baptism. To find out more about the differences between the sacraments of Christianity and Catholicism, you can read more about the differences between Catholic and Protestant sacraments in the article that we have presented on this website. But this time, I will help you to understand a little more about the sacrament of baptism.

1. God's Acceptance

By receiving the sacrament of baptism consciously and directly we accept the presence of God in our lives. Indeed, even though God is just and wants to give blessings both to those who believe in Him and to those who do not believe in Him, but by receiving the sacrament of baptism, we also consciously want to try to have a better relationship with God.

The best good relationships are friendship, family, and the relationship we have with God himself will be better if we have two-way communication. Two-way communication will help us to establish a better relationship with anyone because there is a response we get. The Lord Jesus is certainly different from humans, He will always be there for us and help us but the problem is whether we want to accept Him?

2. Recording of names in the heavenly kingdom

The symbol of the second sacrament of baptism is to have the meaning that we write our names in the heavenly kingdom. The sacrament of baptism is like the seal of our union with God, but even though we have registered our names in the heavenly kingdom by receiving baptism this does not mean we are fully guaranteed to enter the heavenly kingdom. The material we get by receiving the sacrament of baptism can also be damaged and cannot function to help us enter into salvation if we do not do everything that God the Father in heaven wants or in other words we prefer to fall into sin again and again. One of the conditions for entering heaven according to the Bible is to obey God's commands and stay away from all His prohibitions because God himself certainly doesn't want the people he loves so much to fall into sin.

3. Building an early bond with God

To build a bond with God, we first need a symbol that we do accept God and want to build a more intimate and close relationship with God. Doing baptism is the same as we have started to build a close relationship with God. The development of this initial bond with God was indeed necessary because of the actions of Adam and Eve in the past, namely eating the fruit of the forbidden tree and this is what makes the relationship between humans and God not harmonious because of the tendency of humans to listen more and side with the devil.

The sin committed by Adam and Eve is also known as original sin or the origin of sin according to the Bible. So even though there has been original sin that happened in the past, doing baptism can please God because we consciously want to build a good relationship with Him again. By receiving the sacrament of baptism we will also be cleansed from the tendency to sin so that we are not susceptible to sinful acts. Many people also think that baptism is a means to cleanse someone from their original sin so that someone can be clean and start his life on a new page.

4. Become children of light

The meaning of the next symbol of the sacrament of baptism is that we are adopted as children of light. Where, each of us has a duty to be the light and salt of the world. Sharing love and being an example to others. Every one of us has a radiance of God's love and therefore we need to help and share love so that our neighbors who may be lost or experience despair in life can again have hope in God. We can also apply some examples of Christian ethics in our daily lives so that we can be an example or at least an example for others.

Even though we can't do great things like Jesus did, being kind and not being a trigger for a problem is more than enough. Apart from that, being the light and salt of the world can also be done by doing small acts of love such as listening to others, helping others in need, advising those who do wrong, and so on. Indeed we are not perfect but the Father wants us to be perfect and just like Jesus. Therefore, look to Jesus continuously as a source of our example so that we can be together with him later by imitating Him.

5. Outpouring of sanctifying grace

Do you still remember the incident when Jesus was baptized then suddenly heard the voice of the Father and a white dove came to Jesus? The dove is a symbol of the spirit of the Father himself who gave his gift of grace to Jesus. And just like Jesus, we too will get the gift of grace after doing baptism. Another event that is still related to the outpouring of grace from the Holy Spirit is the Pentecost event.

The meaning of Pentecost for Christians themselves is a time of outpouring of the grace of the Holy Spirit from the Father himself where many people will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit which will help us to get the fruits of the Holy Spirit. By receiving the sacrament of baptism, we will indirectly receive the outpouring of sanctifying grace. This sanctifying grace that is poured out on us has a function so that we can become a stronger person in facing all the temptations of the devil who tries to drop us into sin. If we have received the sacrament of baptism and we are faced with two difficult choices, we will tend to choose the choice that is more pleasing to God than the choice that pleases the devil.

6. Reborn

Being a new human being or what we often know with the meaning of being reborn is the next meaning and symbol of the sacrament of baptism. By being reborn into a new human being we have a great opportunity to gain salvation because we have chosen to side with the Father. The notion of being reborn can also mean that we can start our life on a new page as well as possible by being in God's grace and shade. For those who receive the sacrament of baptism at a mature age, they have a new opportunity to change their lives for the better. And for those who have been baptized even though they were still babies, they will be given an abundance of the gift of the Holy Spirit to help keep them from falling into the trap of the devil who is trying to make people fall into sin. And rebirth is also one of the most popular symbols of the sacrament of baptism that you may also have known about before.

Regarding the sacrament of baptism itself, there are actually many things that can be learned such as who receives the sacrament of baptism, the types of the sacrament of baptism, the equipment used in the sacrament of baptism and so on. But maybe to learn some of these things you must have a solid foundation and understand the meaning of baptism itself so that you have a reason or encouragement to learn more about other things related to the sacrament of baptism.

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