The Christian View of Divorce and How to Overcome It


The Christian View of Divorce when viewed simply, divorce is the end of a bond in a marriage that was originally required to last a lifetime, this could have been done if the couple no longer wanted to continue living together as husband and wife.

Definition of Divorce in Christianity

Divorce itself is not only the end of a relationship between two people, but in a broad sense that includes children, property and institutions of the Church, government and God himself, all those who have been involved will also bear the risk of the divorce which generally creates a prolonged conflict leading to direct destruction or not.

Divorce is generally occurs on the basis of incompatibility such as adultery, domestic violence, quarrels, the economy and various other reasons that are used as excuses.

Death divorce: Generally this happens because one of the spouses has passed away, but if you decide you still want to remain faithful, then this can be a real proof of a noble bond based on sincere and pure love so that you are taken to death by not remarrying.

Views of Divorce in the Protestant Christian Bible

The Christian view of divorce is that the main cause of divorce is the human factor itself (human error) and also worldly factors (secular). Human factors include dissatisfaction, self-will and selfishness, while worldly factors include adultery, materialism and worldly pleasures.

I Corinthians 7:15: “But if the unbeliever wants a divorce, let him divorce; in such case the brother or sister is not bound. But God calls you to live in peace.” [more emphasis on unbelieving couples, then divorce can occur. Matthew 19:9: "But I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for adultery, then marries another woman, he commits adultery."

Adultery During Violence Against Women With Obscenity

Unfaithfulness in marriage leads to adultery and this has opened the marriage bond by uniting with another person who is not a partner. This is based on I Corinthians 6:16, “Or do you not know that whoever binds himself to a fornication becomes one body with her? Because, as the text says: The two will become one flesh." Adultery is what is used as a reason for divorce to occur because there is union with another flesh while the old flesh has been left behind, this adultery is included in the category of fornication and means that it has been unfaithful and no longer exists. love between partners.

Divorce About There Is A Sense Of Christian Faith Beginning

This divorce can occur because of the basic differences between the Christian faith and other faiths which are always contradictory and cannot unite so that other problems can be avoided such as issues of theology, behavior and mindset. When viewed from Matthew 19:8 it is explained that if the human heart is stubborn, the human mind and heart are petrified, hard and want to win alone, then actually from the beginning, God never wanted this to happen and if this couple still insists on divorce, then there are conditions what God gave, namely because of adultery because living as husband and wife was illegal in the eyes of God and the Church even though the government gave permission for divorce.

How to Overcome So that Divorce Doesn't Happen

The Christian view on divorce that must be realized, if at any time the Christian faith, especially the Church will not give a second confirmation in marriage and if it is forced, it is generally done secretly without the knowledge of the Church.

If the Church Institution gives permission for a second marriage, then this can happen because of a compromise made by the Church in helping people who are in adultery so they don't carry out these actions or sins continuously, so it would be better if they were united but with a note that if the official letter from the government regarding divorce has been issued. In this case, the Church has been wrong because the authority it has has shifted and it is no longer taking refuge in God but taking refuge in the government and this compromise everyone must be aware of.

First walk

Divorce will actually never happen if humans are not selfish, for those who commit adultery if they promise not to commit a sin, in this case, commit adultery and then repent and for the partner who was betrayed wants to accept the partner again and give forgiveness on the basis of God's love, then the restoration of the husband and wife relationship can be done. and divorce can be avoided and this path should be used as the main route to be taken in resolving the problem of adultery in the family.

Second way

The second path is the decision to separate, even though in front of God they are still husband and wife, but because of the sin of adultery, the couple is separated for a while so that the two people can introspect and then come up with a solution to reunite, but if they cannot be reunited then the two This human being must be in a state of celibacy, namely not to remarry and this is the conclusion of the disciples in Jesus' teaching in Matthew 19:10, "If this is the case between husband and wife, it is better not to remarry" so the emphasis is not to remarry.

Third way

This path, as Jesus taught, is to carry the cross, which means that there are things that must be paid or sacrificed in a Christian marriage, in the sense that when expressing marriage vows. “… as a legal husband/wife before God and His church, I promise to continue to love and serve him faithfully, both in times of joy and sorrow, abundance and lack, health and sickness, and still demand a holy life with my husband/wife I am under His care to declare my allegiance and faith in Him in all things according to the Gospel of Christ the Lord”

These three paths must be chosen, but if this is not possible then a divorce will be the responsibility of the divorced person and may not be a burden on the Church let alone on God and this means that the Church has the right to refuse divorce and does not give permission for marriage. the second and above all in the eyes of God this is a sin, because it has committed adultery and destroyed the marriage established by God.

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