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The Symbol of the Rooster in Christianity

When you look at a church roof, there is a rooster that stands right at the end of the roof. Maybe you have thought why the church uses the symbol of a rooster? Is there a connection between Christians and the symbol of a rooster? To find out what the meaning of roosters in Christianity, here are some reviews. 1. Welcome the dawn You need to understand that roosters in Catholicism are one of the oldest Christian symbols. If we look at the habit of roosters is always sounds when the dawn has dawned. This means that roosters always welcome the dawn with enthusiasm. In Christianity, the title of the risen Christ is the meaning of the dawn or also referred to as the east. In Latin it is also called Orlens. 2. Give new hope The next reason is that the Rooster symbol can also be a new hope. This is still related to the previous point that roosters often crow when the sun has risen. It also gives meaning that there will be a new hope created for Christians. It is hoped that the pr

The Dove Symbol in Christianity

Maybe you've seen when there are important events related to affection, peace, or any event always shows someone releasing a dove as a symbol. However, did you know that pigeons are often used as a symbol of Christianity? In Christianity, the dove is a symbol that is quite old. Basically the Merpati smbol is very much related to the concept of teachings in Christianity. To find out what the meanings of the Pigeon Symbol in Christian Teaching, the following review. 1. The presence of the Holy Spirit In the writings of Mark Hildebrandt, doves in Christianity are often understood as the presence of the Holy Spirit during the baptism of Jesus by the baptist named John. That was written in the letter Matt 3:16. In the letter Matthew 3:16 it also says that when he was baptized, Jesus immediately came out of the water and right then the sky could open. That way he can see the Spirit of God that looks similar to a dove descending upon Him. The history of the dove symbol also dev