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Tattoo Law in Christianity

 It seems that art is already very popular with the public. There are many ways in which people express art in their lives. Some are through music and also through images. People who have high artistic spirits should be grateful. This is due to the increasing desire of the community for a work related to art. You can get extra income through the music you make, be it you who make the instruments or even you work as a voice actor that is the singer. In addition, payment for an artist is also quite good so you are encouraged to plant a love of art. It's from love that you can move to make extra money.

Apart from using music as an alternative, you also can certainly sell your pictures. Indeed, drawing is one hobby that not everyone has. This is an additional point for those of you who like to draw. In addition, the payment for an image can be classified as good. However, it must be recognized that in drawing we do have to gather deep intentions and of course integrated with your ability to express your thoughts through these ink strokes. Drawing can be done with any container, paper or even human skin. Yes! Nowadays a lot of people like the pictures on their bodies. This image is called a tattoo. Both in terms of public views or religious views, tattoos have their own meaning. Likewise in the Christian faith, which will be discussed in this article regarding the law of tattoos in Christianity.

Know God

Knowing God can also be interpreted as a form of self-knowledge because you are the one who makes the image on God's face. The behavior that you do makes the non-Christian opinion of Christ good or bad. Therefore, in social life, of course we must know who we are and whose names we are risking.

In the Bible, God also said to Hosea 4: 6 "My people perished because they did not know God". Destruction of the flesh will indeed be experienced by every living creature, especially humans. Everything in this world must have a time. However, there is a part of human life that can make it eternal life in faith that is the spirit. Meat indeed often collides with spirit arguments. Only those who have good faith can control the flesh. Therefore, first know who God is and what his desires are, then only then can we act according to His will.

Tattoos According to Christian Faith

The use of tattoos is very widespread among the people at this time, especially among teenagers. Many teenagers are crazy about tattoos so that they give up their skin as a basis for artists to work. However, the use of tattoos itself has received a warning from God that is written in Leviticus 19: 28. In that verse the Lord reminded "Do not scratch your body because of the dead and do not make signs on your skin; I am God ".

From this verse we can conclude that God Himself has forbidden it. And that means, the use of signs on the human body has existed since ancient times. God also confirmed that He is God. With these words, God wants us to surrender and obey His rules. Perhaps, there are already many people who are wrong with the perception of using tattoos. This is because in the Christian faith the most affirmed thing is love. Both love for God and love for others. So many wrong assumptions about many things, including the installation of tattoos.

Speaking of Leviticus 19:28, it is necessary to know that the verse was originally intended for the people of Israel. We all know that the people of Israel are God's chosen people. God loves them so much that no matter how bad they are, God still loves them. Until now, they are still God's chosen people. However, we don't need to worry because God is truly just. We are His children who will always be protected by Him. In the past, the Israelites were in a place where there were many people who did not know God. They often use body decoration like the sign we know today as tattoos.

Tattoos Derived from Idolatry

As a Christian, certainly idolatry is very fatal. This has certainly been said by God himself through 2 tablets of stone inscribed with the 10 Laws. By worshiping idols of course we have already doubled God. Obviously, that violated the first Law. In the first Law, we are reminded by God that He is a jealous figure. Therefore, He did not want to be doubled up so hated by these actions.


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