The Gift of the Holy Spirit in the Church

In daily life, humans experience a lot of problems, both small and complex problems. In every problem, you need to know that God is always around you. He is watching you as you mourn your life. Maybe, your problem is about finance, where you have to pay your children's school fees as soon as possible, because they are in arrears. Or even you don't have food in your kitchen anymore, so you are confused about what to say to your children when they feel hungry and ask to eat right away.

In fact, everything that we have gained, we should be grateful for. In everything, learn to be grateful. With gratitude, it means that you are happy with the way of life that has been planned by God. In distress, usually people will get closer and more and ask God, because in fact he is aware that only God is the right place for complaints for him. God can help you in any way. He can give you a Spirit where that Spirit can make you calmer and more joyful.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Every Church

A spirit that is more than God certainly leads you to a better path, as long as the Spirit of God makes it a habit to keep winning in any struggle, compared to the spirit of the devil. The Holy Spirit himself has many gifts for all of us. Initially, the apostles were the first to be trusted by God to have the gift of the Holy Spirit. But over time, we already have at least one of the 15 gifts from the Holy Spirit. To better understand it, this article will discuss the 15 gifts from the Holy Spirit.

1. Gifts as an Apostle

The first gift of the Holy Spirit is a gift that enables humans to become Apostles of God. This has already been alluded to in 1 Corinthians 12:28 which says that God can make humans an Apostle. This is what caused the Lord Jesus to have as many as 12 Apostles. 12 These Apostles were known as disciples of the Lord Jesus. If we study more about the social status of the 12 Apostles, surely there must be better people who are even better than them. However, the Lord Jesus, with the support of God, enabled those who were very weak to become his disciples. This happens because basically God does not see appearance, ethnicity, or social status.

What God needs in humans is how pure is the human heart to follow Him. Following the Lord Jesus is not an easy thing, although ritually it will only be subject to baptism. However, if more is seen far into social life, of course it will be very difficult for them, especially those who live as a minority. Fortunately, if a minority is respected by the majority in a country, so that people can embrace and implement religious rules.

We certainly also know that from the 12 Apostles of God, there are 2 Apostles who betrayed. Each of these Apostles has a different way of betraying but still equally hurts God's feelings. First, Peter. Peter was known as an Apostle who was loved by God. Indeed, God knew that there would be Apostles who betrayed and had been wary of their Apostles too, but still they betrayed. Peter denied it and Judas Iscariot sold it. Both of these things prove that being a follower of Christ is not something that is easy and does require struggle.

2. The Gift of Prophecy

The second gift of the Holy Spirit is the gift of prophecy. In 1 Corinthians 14: 9 it is mentioned that one of the ways that can be done by humans who can build the faith of others through the words of the Divine but of course it can still be understood. However, there are still many wrong thoughts about one's ability to prophesy. We certainly cannot directly identify someone as a prophet just because he has the gift of prophecy. You need to know that a person must have at least 2 or 3 other supporting gifts in order to be called a prophet. Indeed, being a prophet is not easy.

As a simple example to make it easier for you to understand why someone who has the gift of prophecy cannot be immediately stated as a prophet. You certainly have money, so do your parents, your friends, even people you don't even know who are near you. Of course, you and these people cannot be immediately declared to be heavy people, just because they have money. There must be other supporting indicators to state that someone is rich.

3. Gifts for Teaching

The third gift that Christians can obtain is the gift of teaching. This gift is already found in the Bible in Romans 12: 6-8.

The gift of teaching meant here is a gift in giving knowledge about the truth of God's Word so that people who are lost because of miss perceptions can go home as soon as possible. Maybe some churches already have a Bible study program. In the program there must be someone who knows more than others who are chosen as teachers. By teaching, Allag wants people to be closer to Him and to surrender to everything that happens.

4. The Gift to Preach the Gospel

The gift of grace that humans can have given by the Holy Spirit is a gift in preaching the gospel. Preaching the gospel is certainly an obligation for every Christian. God wants his people to unite immediately. God knows that there are still many people who do not know Him but know Him. With this gift of the Holy Spirit, God is increasingly recognized by many people who do not know Him, who are not His followers. Remember! Our only obligation is to preach the Truth of the Gospel, not to force others to believe it because they believe it or not, it is their right.

5. The Gift of Serving

The fifth gift that God gives humans is the gift of service. Today, people will naturally prefer to be served rather than serving. However, this is certainly very wrong. In the past, the Lord Jesus revealed that he came to earth to serve sinful people, not to be served. It is this quality of the Lord Jesus that we should emulate. Try that we serve not served. Serving means doing good to fellow human beings and that certainly makes God happy.

6. The Gift of Sharing Something

The sixth gift that humans can have is the gift of giving away something. As someone who is economically capable, surely there is no harm in us to help those in need. Indeed, property is a deposit from God and no human being brings all his wealth to his final resting place. In addition, offering a troubled person a favor will certainly make him feel that he is not alone. There is still God who helps him through your hands.

7. The Gift of Doing Charity

This seventh gift, namely the gift to do mercy, is the seventh gift that comes from the Holy Spirit. In the act of the gift of generosity, surely someone has empathy and great sympathy for the condition of the people around him. This is what drives him to be a helper and generous offer himself. This seventh gift is actually still very closely related to the sixth gift which is the gift to share things.

8. The Gift of Lead

It seems, for this modern era, a lot of people who dream of becoming a leader, of course, being a leader is not easy because he must have the ability to respond quickly to problems that occur. This is caused because the leader will be dealing with many people who have many perceptions and needs. So wisdom is also needed.

9. The Gift of Expelling Satan

The ninth gift, which also includes gifts from the Holy Spirit, is a gift that some people have. In the past, the Lord Jesus also carried out this activity, namely healing a possessed daughter. In having the ability to exorcise demons, it is necessary to have strong faith.

10. Gifts for Wise Words

In an era full of these problems, surely someone who has wisdom that is able to be expressed in words is certainly very necessary. Many people fell so that he could no longer think clearly. In this case a person who is able to speak wisely is needed. Many motivations that are given that can make people become spirited again.

11. The Gift of Power

The gift of the eleventh Holy Spirit is the gift of power. This is certainly already in the Bible at 1 Corinthians 12:10. In addition, at the beginning of human creation, it has also been clearly said by God that humans have power over the earth. Therefore, God puts humans in the highest position of other humans. So, it is fitting for us to give thanks by not damaging his creation but caring for him.

12. The Gift to Heal

The 12th gift of the Holy Spirit is very closely related to medical work. Medical ability is needed in dealing with diseases. Nowadays disease develops so fast that new diseases are often discovered. This is where God works and enables the doctors to heal. In addition, the prayers of relatives are also very influential.

13. Gifts for Speaking in Spirit

The 15th gift is for speaking in tongues. We realize that there are many kinds of languages ​​in this world. However, Spirit Language is one of the languages ​​that is very difficult to learn. If other languages ​​come from one's ability to learn them, the ability of Justriu's spirit comes from one's faith. Therefore, only a few are able to speak in tongues.

14. Gifts to Interpret Spirit Bases

The gift of the Holy Spirit to interpret the language of the Spirit is written in 1 Corinthians 12:10. Interpreting tongues is of course related to the ability to speak in tongues. However, not necessarily someone who has the same extraordinary abilities. Certainly, more faith is needed to be able to speak in tongues.

15. Gifts to Distinguish the Spirit

In 1 Corinthians 12:10 it also explains that humans also obtain gifts to distinguish the Spirit. You need to know that many types of spirits in this world are clearly invisible. However, in some people, God allows them to distinguish the Spirit, between the good Spirit and the Spirit that is from God.

Such is the information regarding the 15 Gifts of the Holy Spirit. With this article, it is hoped that you will be able to assist you in understanding the various gifts. May be useful.

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