Tattoo Law in Christianity


 It seems that art is already very popular with the people. There are many ways that people express art in their lives. Some pass the music and the tones also through the pictures. People who have a high artistic soul should be grateful. This is due to the increasing public desire for works related to art. You can earn extra money through the music you make, whether you make the instrument or even work as a voice actor, the singer. In addition, the fee for an artist is also quite good, so you are encouraged to cultivate a love of art. It is from love that you can move to make extra money.

Apart from using music as an alternative, of course, you can also sell your images. Indeed, drawing is one of the hobbies that not everyone has. This is an additional point for those of you who like to draw. In addition, the payment for an image can be classified as good. However, it must be admitted that in drawing we do have to collect deep intentions and of course combined with your ability to express your thoughts through these ink strokes. Drawing can be done with any container, paper or even human skin. Yes! Nowadays a lot of people like to have pictures on their bodies. This image is called a tattoo. Both from the viewpoint of society or the viewpoint of religion, tattoos have their own meaning. Likewise in the Christian faith, which will be discussed in this article regarding the law of tattoos in Christianity.

Knowing Allah

Knowing Allah can also be interpreted as a form of knowing yourself because you are the one who made the image on God's face. It's the behavior you do that makes a non-Christian's opinion of Christ good or not. Therefore, in social life, of course, we must know who we are and whose name we are at stake.

In the Bible also God once said to Hosea 4: 6 "My people perish because they do not know God". The destruction of the flesh will indeed be experienced by every living thing, especially humans. Everything in this world must have its season. However, there is a part of human life that can make him live eternally by faith, namely his spirit. Meat often argues with spirits. Only those who have good faith are able to control the flesh. Therefore, first identify who Allah is and what He wants, then then we can act according to His will.

Tattoos According to the Christian Faith

The use of tattoos is very prevalent in today's society, especially among teenagers. Many teenagers are crazy about tattoos so that they give up their skin as the basis for artists to work. However, the use of tattoos itself has received a warning from Allah, which is written in Leviticus 19: 28. In this verse the Lord reminds you, "Do not cut your body because people are dead and do not tattoo marks on your skin; I am God ”.

From this verse, we can conclude that Allah Himself has forbidden it. And that means, the use of marks on the human body has existed since ancient times. God also confirmed that He was God. With these words, God wants us to surrender and obey His rules. Perhaps, there are so many people who are wrong with the perception of using tattoos. This is because in Christian faith the only thing that is emphasized is love. Both love for God and love for others. So that there are many wrong assumptions about many things, including the installation of tattoos.

Speaking of Leviticus 19:28, it is necessary to know that this verse was originally addressed to the people of Israel. We all know that the people of Israel are God's chosen people. Allah loves them so much that no matter how sinful they are, God still loves them. Until now, they are still God's chosen people. However, we don't need to worry because Allah is truly the Just. We are His children whom He will always protect. In the past, the Israelites were in a place where there were many people who did not know God. They often use body decorations such as the signs we now know as tattoos.

Tattoos Derived from Idolatry

As a Christian, of course idolatry is fatal. Of course, Allah himself has said this through 2 tablets of stone that is inscribed with the 10 Laws. By worshiping idols, of course we are doubting God. Obviously, this violated the first Law. In the first Law, we are reminded by God that He is a jealous being. Therefore, He did not want to be doubted so he really hated this act.

In ancient times, people practiced idolatry by hurting themselves. They cut their skin so it was injured. This is their way of summoning spirits. That way, they too can carry out their rituals. The human body as the Temple of God certainly does not deserve to be treated in such a way

This is the information about tattoo law in Christianity. With this article, it is hoped that it will be able to remind us more of the mistakes in making tattoos. May be useful.


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