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The Destructive Consequences of Sin According to the Bible


The definition of sin according to the Bible itself is basically our attitude that rejects the merciful love God has given us. The existence of sin itself stems from the attitude of the devil who was originally an angel who abused his free will to oppose God.

We ourselves as humans also have free will to do good or wrong things. Because our carnal desires are stronger than our spiritual desires, we as humans will tend to fall repeatedly into sin. If this situation continues like this, that is, we continue to fall into sin, then there will be several consequences of sin according to the Bible that will occur. Sin turns us away from God and instead draws us closer to evil demons. However, let me invite you to find out more about some of the consequences that can be caused by a sin, as follows:

1. Damaging the relationship between God and humans

In the beginning, God created man as a creature He loved so much and will continue to be that way. The existence of sins caused by the persuasion of the devil makes humans move away from God slowly but surely. Committing a sin is tantamount to following the devil's words and closing oneself from God's words and directions. By committing sins that not only distance ourselves from God, committing sinful acts also makes God sad. To help restore our good relationship with God, we can do forgiveness of sins in Christianity.

2. Damaging relationships with fellow humans

In addition to damaging our relationship with God, committing sins can also distance and even damage the relationships we have with fellow humans. Examples of sins that can damage our relationship with humans are jealousy, resentment, and anger. Some of these things can create inevitable conflicts and cause our relationships with fellow humans or even those we love to become distant and even damaged.

3. Damaging the human image

Allah created man in the image and likeness of God. In other words, you may also hear the phrase that God created man in His image. By committing various sinful acts, we as humans will have an image that will no longer be similar to God because we prefer to listen to and follow the direction of the devil. Damage to our image will also make us have more frequent inner conflicts and make us as humans forget that we are God's most perfect creation and are also loved by Him.

4. Bring death

Christian death has a much broader definition than you might know. Biologically, death is a condition in which a person's body or body can no longer function, his heart stops, and so on. With this condition, that person will leave the world forever. When viewed in a slightly theological direction, death is the beginning of a new beginning, namely eternal life. This eternal life can exist in two places, namely hell or heaven.

5. There is a judgment

At the time after experiencing physical death, we will be seen in terms of the sins and charities we have done in life. Through judgment, it will be determined where we will spend forever in our eternal life, be it in heaven or hell. If the sins we commit are greater than the practice of the law of love taught by God to us, of course there will be a greater chance for us to fall into hell.

6. Humans experience suffering

The Christian description of hell has a broader definition than the definition of hell that we may know today. Maybe what you know right now is that hell is a place for humans - sinful humans who will undergo eternal punishment by demons - the demons who inhabit hell. Whereas, in fact, suffering in hell is an atmosphere where there is no God. No matter how sinful we are as long as we live in the world, God is still with us. But can we imagine a situation where there is no God with us?

Of course we will suffer terribly and thirst for God's love, because all we get is endless suffering. Even for a believer who is experiencing a trial period, for example, someone who is confused about finding money to cover a debt he has made, sometimes he often loses confidence that God is not with him, even though in fact, God is still with him and guides. This will certainly get worse, and make us suffer a lot if there is no presence of God at all.

7. The emergence of fear

Committing sinful acts also creates fear in ourselves. This can be likened to us who are afraid to be ticketed by the police because we do not carry a vehicle, for example, or do not wear the required driving equipment. We know that the prohibitions or rules made by the police are to ensure our own safety and if we break them, of course we will feel scared. This also happens when we sin, we choose to side with the devil over God.

A concrete example that can be felt is the guilt you feel after you lie, for example. The fear that is felt will certainly be even greater if someone commits sins repeatedly and has a greater weight of sin, for example, such as committing murder. Not infrequently in our society, we often find news where a murderer prefers to surrender himself to the police because of the guilt that haunts him, even many of these people who admit to being blind for a moment and finally admit their guilt.

8. The law of sowing and reaping

Have you ever heard of karma? This is believed by other religious people, and we here have something called the law of sowing and reaping. Basically, if we do something, there will be consequences arising from the actions we do. For example, if we commit a sinful act, the result we will feel is regret and guilt.

Conversely, if we do or practice the law of love, we will feel happiness as a result of the good we get. Even though we believe in the law of the ark of the reap, that does not mean that when we do various good deeds we expect good returns or even more. Even though we don't get anything in return, it would be good if we do everything as well as possible and sincerely as possible, because the rewards we receive come from God Himself, as heavenly savings that can lead us to eternal happiness.

9. Human relations with nature are damaged

There are also examples of sinful acts in Christianity that can have the consequences of sin according to the Bible which has an impact on the damage to the relationship between humans and nature. Humans were created as perfect creatures because God entrusted various jobs to look after the earth to humans as you can see in Genesis 2:15. If irresponsible actions are still carried out by humans such as destroying nature, disposing of waste, and continuing to do similar things without thinking about the impacts that could occur, then this will damage the relationship between humans and nature.

The bad impact that can occur due to the damaged relationship between humans and nature is the occurrence of various natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and so on. Of course, with these few things, many people always think that nature has been angry with humans, nature has released its wrath in the form of disasters that have been experienced by several people in several regions in various parts of the world. This may be true, because without arbitrary human activity, of course, nature will not bring us various disasters. These disasters can actually be seen as a sign that we need to see our behavior towards nature, whether we have done anything wrong so that nature has such an impact on us.

10. The onset of disease

If you reread your Bible and see in the past when people still believed there were consequences that arose directly due to violations of God's law, then you will find diseases that arise because of the violation of certain laws of God. If we want to connect with the present, the disease due to the sins we have committed will be in the form of mental illness first.

These mental illnesses can be in the form of depression, stress, an unbearable feeling of not having the courage to admit the mistakes that were made, and some of these things will burden our souls and minds directly. As you know, there are many physical ailments whose recovery will be greatly influenced by the state of the mind. The more stress that accumulates in a person's mind, the longer it will take for that person to recover from the illness he has. Stress can also trigger diseases that you may not even have experienced before.

So, those are some of the results of sin according to the Bible that I can share with you. Do penance to help prevent yourself from the consequences of sin that you certainly don't want to get.


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