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The Church's Principles of Politics According to Biblical Teachings


 In all aspects of life we ​​will definitely experience it and in our attitude we must conform to the teachings that we believe are in accordance with the history of Christianity. In the Bible everything has been taught and told in accordance with Christian teachings that must be emulated. Christians have a responsibility to create social, economic, political, cultural and other justice in accordance with common ideals in the world.

It must be seen how the church's principles apply to the aspects of life in the present. For example, what is the church's principle of politics, the meaning of politics itself is knowledge related to state administration which is the act of the government to act and make policies in a country. This article will explain what kind of church principles will be applied in relation to political life.

Christian Principles in Political Life

  •     Giving love to God, to oneself and fellow humans and to the universe is a law of love in the Bible.
  •     With a national attitude, we are part of the nation who have the same fate and responsibility and have the same national ideals as a just and prosperous society.
  •     Freedom, freedom to speak, assemble and associate and have the right to rights that have been regulated in the Constitution, or if viewed from a bad perspective, it can be avoided from occupation, oppression and intimidating fear from anyone, directly or indirectly.
  •     Upholding justice, everyone has the right to get fair treatment, here is the duty of the state which must ensure that every citizen gets justice.
  •     Seeking the truth, the truth belongs to God and will have an eternal character that cannot be contested.
  •     Solidarity, empathy for the successes and failures experienced by others, loyal to others, especially always there when they suffer.
  •     Have a sincere spirit, dare to accept defeat and respect the victories of others, can act according to their words, have no other intention behind providing assistance as the benefit of praying for Christians.
  •     Honesty, courage in admitting the deficiencies that exist in him, and able to be objective to say that wrong is wrong and right is right.
  •     Humility, not being arrogant and condescending to others and being able to listen to people's stories and be ready to serve and provide assistance is the goal of Christian life.
  •     Being a pioneer, having the readiness and courage to take on a challenge to increase achievement for the common interest.
  •     Equality, every human being has the same dignity and has the same rights and obligations before the law and the government, in order to receive fair treatment.
  •     Loyalty, can carry out tasks in accordance with what has been entrusted and can be loyal to the nation and country

According to the Bible, the church's principles towards politics are all efforts and a process to understand and interpret political relations from the perspective and way of thinking that have been taught in the Bible. Striving for urban prosperity in this case is meant by politics as a mandate that the Bible writes for all God's people and gives the meaning of the Bible's understanding of sin.

Therefore, political arrangement cannot be separated from God's business without seeing place, space and time. What the Bible contains and teaches is not merely a standard concept or rule but only a conception that is used as the axis for God's people, and the Bible provides an opportunity to broadly define what is meant by political life.

Thus an explanation of the church's principles regarding politics, this can be a note for us to be able to obey and imitate according to the teachings of the church in politics, not to abuse something that has been ordered and the authority that has been trusted. Hopefully useful and thank you.


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