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The Meaning of the Punishment of the Cross in the New Testament Age

The punishment of the cross was a form of punishment that was often known by the pagans in the early centuries. Some people say that this punishment was used by the Jews. However, this assumption is disputed because in the Torah, the punishment is carried out in three ways. First is stabbed with a sword, burned, and finally stoned with stone. Historically, crucifixion was a form of punishment that was often applied by the Roman empire. In the time of Jesus Christ, the penalty of the cross was experienced by him just before his death. However, since the new agreement appeared, there have been some changes. Of course the crucifixion process has also been affected since the new agreement. To find out what the meaning of the penalty of the cross in the new covenant, follows his review. 1. A form of redemption of human sin When Jesus Christ carried the cross at that time, Christians believed that it was done as a form of atonement for human sins imposed on Jesus. This is seen in Heb. 7:

Earthquake Events When Jesus Was Crucified

Maybe you have heard many times that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is one of the important days in human history. Basically, there are four important events that occur on this earth. First is God created the first human. Second is the day of fall when humans fall into sin, causing death and also destruction. The third event was the Flood or Tsunami which was revealed in the days of Noah. Finally, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to death in the city of Jerusalem. At the time the incident occurred, many strange events that occurred. Some people even mention that the event was a miracle of Jesus because of the crucifixion of Jesus himself. Among the events that occurred, earthquakes were among them. At that time, many people were shocked and did not believe why a holy place like Jerusalem experienced a devastating earthquake? Some things about the earthquake when Jesus was crucified can be seen in the following review.     It is written in the letter Matthew Of course, the