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The Relationship of Christian Faith With Science And Technology



As Christians, we also have to keep up with the era of development, one of which is science, which grows faster every time. The development of science is marked by the development of increasingly sophisticated technology and makes it easier for us to carry out activities and recognize church principles towards politics. God never limits or even prohibits humans from developing knowledge, even God has given gifts to humans to be talented to be developed for work. (Matthew 25:14-30).

Technology is a blessing given by God to us, although sometimes it is misused by humans and causes sin according to the law of love in the Bible. Therefore technology must be made to help live life and get through the trials of life that are felt. Science is not a goal but a tool for us to achieve our goals which of course remain on the way of Jesus according to the history of Christianity. We must not be controlled by technology, but we must master technology in order to stay fit for the purpose. It is important to build life on a solid foundation, so that humans are not carried away by the negative influences of modern technology (Luke 6:48). In this article, we will discuss what is the relationship between Christian faith and science so that we can deepen Christian teachings and understand what is meant by science.

Christian faith relationship

"Let the wise hear and increase knowledge, and let the understanding person gain consideration." (Proverbs 1:5) In accordance with what is sincere in this verse of God, it explains that God commands humans to develop the knowledge that is within them and seek material for consideration so that humans become wiser and understanding and become the goal of Christian life. God also commanded humans to rule the world, and to conquer it would require knowledge and technology.

    Field of education

In the field of education also found some impacts of the development of science. The positive impact generated is the existence of mass media and electronic media which are tools to become sources of knowledge and education, new learning methods emerge and make it easier for students and teachers in the learning process. But there are also negative impacts, namely students are lazy to read and study and there are many social violations that occur as well as the misuse of knowledge for their own benefit by means of criminal money teaching about the benefits of praying for Christians.

    Information and Communication

In the field of information and communication there is a positive impact generated, namely the existence of information that spreads quickly and can communicate over long distances at the same time. Looking for information quickly and precisely and most importantly now, with technology we are assisted by making transactions quickly online. The negative impact is the existence of excess information and the loss of people's privacy because with technology everything can be accessed.

    Economics and industry

In the economic and industrial fields, there are several impacts, namely by increasing the quality and quantity of products as well as the production of goods that are getting faster and more correct. The negative impact is the occurrence of layoffs and increasing unemployment rates. Increased pollution and factory waste that can pollute the surrounding environment.

    Social and cultural fields

The attitude of consumerism, individualism and mental decline is one of the impacts resulting from science on the social and cultural fields. One of them can also eliminate the attitude which is a human tradition and will cause social inequality in society.

This is an explanation of the relationship between Christian faith and science which teaches us that science cannot be separated from our daily lives which is in fact the reason given by the Father to mankind. So with the reason given, it must be developed and implemented in accordance with the Father's mandate.


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