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The Relationship between Christian Faith and Economics According to the Bible


The relationship between economics and Christian faith is evident from the economic principles and teachings of Jesus which teach His followers not to lose the joy of life because of wealth (Luke 6:24-25; 18:24-25) and can lead to a cheap life. heart 9luk. 18:22), this is because Jesus accepted the teachings of the Torah about the Father's absolute ownership of property and responsibility for the stewardship of man over his property and recognized the church's principle of politics. But what must be noted is that Jesus has stated that in Him who is in His life, teachings and works, all the Father's purposes and all power in the heavens and on earth rest and walk, realizing the Father's economy in a creation for the new people. . People in the new covenant are part of the Father's kingdom, people who enjoy the enactment of the Father's government that frees them, this is what allows people to enjoy life to the fullest and fully and can be grateful for every gift of the Father in an attitude of generosity, stewardship, and therefore will not be bound but free according to the law of love in the Bible.

In Christianity, the Father's economy can enable the economy run by humans not to become a material slavery, idolization of property, slavery in the form of greed, but gratitude for the freedom that is felt, the splendor that grows and pleases the Father's heart according to the history of religion. Christian. That is what is called an economic life that has a quality full of true dignity because it is based on the Father's Economy. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between the Christian faith and the economy. After exploring what is contained in the Bible, preliminary conclusions can be drawn regarding the principles of economics and the goal of Christian life.

  •     The Father's statements in particular and some of the Father's statements in general need to be seen as two harmonious forces that have an impact on the economy, both of which clearly and reliably share the mindset and decision making on the human economy.
  •     The Father is the only Creator-Sustainer-Redeemer, who has the absolute source and owner of all the gifts that humans enjoy in this life teaching about the benefits of praying for Christians. Only the Father can and should accept absolute trust, obedience, and dependence on man
  •     Humans were created for the Father as the Father's representative, the Father bestows various possibilities and provides the potential to enjoy the Father's goodness, use His authority responsibly, can develop all aspects of life, as well as socio-political economy that exists in the spirit of gratitude in manage. Wealth and material possessions are a blessing given by the Father.
  •     Wealth and good things, should be grateful. But that is not the most important thing in life, because it is not appropriate to be a mainstay and orientation of life, not an absolute measure of spirituality. We are only the second owner after the absolute ownership of the Father who has created and provided all for our good only
  •     Sin is a perversion of economic principles and will bring about a curse that can destroy and destroy. Economic insight that is materialistic, egocentric, uncontrollably competitive, secular, cannot be grateful and can glorify the Father, can remove ethics and morals from economics and business, this is the result of the corruption of humans who have many sins. The reformation that occurs against this evil condition can occur if humans in general return to the principles that God has stated in their conscience and are a principle of the whole life with the help of the Father and if Christian humans will be more consistent then they must apply the principles of Christian ethics.

Economic issues in the Bible

Throughout human history that has ever happened, from covenant to covenant to finally in the Fulfillment of the Covenant, the Father will administer His Economy which has grace, liberates, and humanizes. The economic vision of the Father in the Old Testament will be fulfilled by an economy that lives in his teachings and works which is a redemption of the Christian Jesus. In fact the Bible talks a lot about economic issues, and as such it would make surprising facts about economic issues judging by the story we are getting ready to enter into the creation, the fall, the covenant with Noah, the covenant with Abraham, the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the Ten Commandments. , the books of wisdom, the books of the prophets and the teachings of the Lord Jesus and the lifestyle of the early church, which are teachings on the apostles and will be met with a lot of material to be able to conclude economic principles.

That's the explanation of the relationship of Christian faith with economics. Behind the objections contained in the beginning and the end that has insight we must understand as believers and must remove the Father from economic reality. The rampant corruption and political issues that exist are carried out by people who have a rebellious mindset and behavior and reject the existence of a Father from the arena of business and life. If Christianity and the Church have to make a real contribution, it must lead to economic reform in a better direction and must start with biblical thinking.


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