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Bible's view Against Materialism Impacts

  Materialism can be understood as material, objects or everything that is visible and can be seen. So materialism can be interpreted as a view of life that is used to find the basis of everything including human life that exists in the material realm, and put aside everything that transcends the realm of the senses and to recognize the church's principles of politics. Materialism is identical with people who are discriminatory, stingy, like to underestimate others and worse just want to be close to others by looking at the profit and loss side and not willing to sacrifice with others according to the law of love in the Bible. So what is the Bible's view of materialism, this article will discuss it clearly and briefly.     Proverbs 15:16 "Better is a little thing with the fear of the Lord, than a lot of wealth with anxiety."     Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is more valuable than great wealth, and people love you better than silver and gold.”     Ecclesiastes 5:9 “Whoeve

Examples of Culture To Suit Christian Faith

  The testimony that exists in the Bible with related matters regarding the presence of Christianity in the midst of human culture. Without realizing it, culture has taken root in our lives, depending on our background, where we grew up, how we were raised and many others and know the church's principles towards politics. Therefore, the existence of culture related to religious life must be synchronized in order to realize harmony and balance in living social life, including culture related to the Faith of Christ in accordance with the law of love in the Bible, namely:     Views of life The view of life referred to here is like seeing the beliefs that a person has in his religion will definitely have an influence on his view of life in accordance with the history of Christianity. Attitudes, goals, and value systems that occur in a person's life will be influenced by his outlook on life. This fact is a challenge that is quite burdensome to preach the gospel. This is due to the i

Examples of Sins in Christianity that You Need to Avoid

In our daily life, we are not far from things or actions called sin. Do you understand the meaning of sin according to the Bible before we discuss some examples of sin in Christianity further? If not, then I'll remind you again. Basically, sin is anything we do and it makes us farther from the Father. In other words, sin is our act of rejecting the Father's love for us. Doing more and more sins will make our relationship with the Father more tenuous. One way that we can do to restore a good relationship with the Father is to do a confession of sins or what is also known as the forgiveness of sins in Christianity. To help you know concretely about some examples of sins, so here I have some real examples that you can avoid in order to make our personality better. 1. Worrying about tomorrow Let's start the first example with what we do often. It is the worry we have about tomorrow. Whether it's worries about what food to eat tomorrow, how to get money to meet daily needs,

Elements of the Liturgy of the Protestant Church as Worship

  The meaning of Liturgy in the Church is etymologically derived from the Greek, namely Leiturgia and Leiteurgein which means cooperation and joint service. The liturgy is present in all Christian services/masses. In general, the liturgy is an order of worship in a church service. The liturgy must be arranged and there must be a pastor who directs the course of the ministry. The arrangement of the liturgy is carried out so that worship can be organized and help the congregation to turn their heart towards the Fathers. Elements of the Liturgy There are many theories and opinions regarding the elements of the liturgy itself because the liturgy of each denomination is different. Catholic, Calvin, and Lutheran liturgies have some differences. However, every denomination certainly has the main elements of this liturgy. The following are the main elements of the Christian liturgy: 1. Vote Votum is a declaration of the start of worship which is read by the liturgist or worship leader that God