The Meaning and Origin of Easter

 Many anniversaries are celebrated by Christians, starting from the day Jesus came into the world and also the day Jesus died. The birth of Jesus, which is often known by many people and various other people also know, has given a lot of meaning to Christians. Also Easter gives an interesting message to us Christians who believe in the resurrection of the Savior to heaven. There are so many meanings and messages that Jesus conveyed at the moment of this Easter celebration, Jesus teaches us that we always remember the teachings that Jesus has given.

Easter is a celebration celebrated by Christians, the same celebration is held with great gusto as in the celebration of Christmas which he also celebrates. But if we know Christmas is a celebration of joy and brings joy to everyone. While Easter is the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ the Savior. Jesus who was born to save this world, also had to give up His life so that his children would be saved from major sins.

The Meaning and Meaning of Easter in the Life of Christians

This Easter is often commemorated by Christians around the world as the forgiveness of Christians to God, because they have been willing to leave this world just for our sake. Many Easter celebrations are celebrated around the world, ranging from many different celebrations, celebratory services, and Good Friday events. Even if we look at the current date, we only have to look at some time before the Easter day that we celebrate every year. Similarly, Christmas is also celebrated the same as Easter once a year. Passover itself was first celebrated in Jews until now the country celebrates the Passover festival. Then how the origins of the Passover celebration began which was first practiced by the Jews?

Meaning of Easter

Easter also has its own special meaning in our lives, the death of Christ who has atoned for our sins. The resurrection of Christ that gives hope for us, we as Christians have been redeemed by the blood of the Lord Jesus. A redemption and payment that has been made by the Lord Jesus cannot be paid for by anything and cannot be valued by anything. The resurrection of Jesus that gives hope to our lives is as follows:

    Our belief in Christ is no longer in vain and we become more obedient in living the teachings of Christ.
    The preaching in the gospels is not a lie and it is all true to the original.
    We have been freed from the torment of death and the sins we have experienced, God who has redeemed and paid for our sins from death.
    We become not perish but have new life with eternal life with Jesus.
    We become one of the luckiest people in Christ, because we are chosen to be God's children and preach His teachings.

The resurrection of Jesus has also changed us, starting from changing our status. The meaning of our status is our status as enemies with the Father. A life that is always filled with bitterness in our lives means that there is no purity of heart and mind within us. The resurrection of the Lord Jesus brought a change in our lives and changed the status of all of us. The meaning of Easter in our other lives also provides a transformation in our lives. When we start to believe in our existence we will begin to experience a transformation of position from the start of our lives.

Meaning of Easter

Easter from the celebrations and worship that we have celebrated, also has a special meaning for our lives. Then what is the meaning of Easter for you and all of you, here is the meaning of Easter for all of us who celebrate it:

    Out of Darkness to Light

Humans who are often still influential in the dark world and have no hope in their lives. This time, Jesus gives something new hope that is given to each of us who believe that Jesus has risen.

    Rise from the Old Life and Start a New Life

Humans often experience many problems in their lives that often lead to sin, this time after God rose from His death God wants to teach us so that we can change from the bad deeds we did before. What we did in the past was bad treatment and which involved sin must be discarded and we must begin to wake up and wake up to start a new life according to God's teachings.

    The Barrier Stone Has Been Removed

God tells us at this Easter moment that our barriers to getting to us to meet the Father have been removed and have been removed. All the obstacles that the devil has put in place to turn us away from God have been removed. We can successfully step into the place of our Father God. And be an exemplary disciple for God and keep the commandments of the teachings of the Father. Barriers that have been removed will make our relationship with the Father closer.

Then we begin to change from the transformation of our behavior, we also experience changes in the community in the way we get along with friends. Only the chosen and the believers can only participate in this community that has been created by the Lord Jesus.

The Origins of Easter in General

The word Easter actually comes from the commemoration of the Germanic goddess of spring, who is also often known by the first name Eostre, the second is called Ostara, and the third is called Eastre. The Germanic peoples of Northern Europe often held annual celebrations for the goddess of spring in gratitude for what they had received from the renewal of life after winter. In the ancient Near East, people also often worshiped goddesses with names that we often hear sound similar, and are also associated with the celebration of spring and fertility anniversaries.

Among these included Ishtar from the Babylonian state and Astarte from the country located in Phoenicia. They may have also worshiped the same goddess that some of the earlier countries did, only the names were different. History also tells of the celebration of Easter starting when the early evangelists started preaching some of the gospels in Northern Europe, they allowed the Germanic people to maintain the practice. their idolatry in order to avoid rejection of Christian teaching, and to make it easier for them to become Christians. The evangelists succeeded in winning their hearts, so that they willingly became followers of Christ.

The Year of the 8th Century Easter Began to Know

In the 8th century, Germanic converts and converts to Christianity began to commemorate Christ's resurrection with a celebration they often referred to as Eastra, which was later renamed Easter.

    The development of this celebration began with the deviation of the post-Apostolic church from Bible truth.
    Little by little, the church began to renew and change the original message of Jesus and the apostles.
    This change includes changing the Saturday Sabbath to the service of the first day of the week or which usually falls on Sunday as a celebration that we often commemorate every year as the Resurrection of Christ on a weekly basis, which is also known as "Lord's Day".
    This was followed by the annual celebration of the Christian Easter, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, beginning around the 2nd century.

At the First Council at Nicaea in 325 AD, it was decided that all churches should observe Christian Easter on the Sunday of the first full moon after the equinox, when the sun crosses the equator in the spring. Today, Christian churches in Europe often continue the custom established in Nicaea and continue to celebrate Easter on a Sunday when the day ranges between March 22 and April 25.

The Origins of Easter in the Old and New Testaments

In the Old Testament in the Bible, Passover is often referred to as Passover or also often spelled with other words, namely Passover which comes from the Hebrew word. However, which has now changed its name to Pascha, which we now often know. By also holding the sacrifice of the Passover lamb, this was a duty and commandment of God to be remembered by Moses and the children of Israel (Exodus 12:14-17).

In Old Testament times Christians celebrated Easter by:

    In the past, Christians celebrated Easter only in symbolic form.
    It is written in the Bible in Colossians 2:17 as well as in Hebrews 10:1. The feast days of the Old Testament were a foreshadowing of what was to come, and their form and content were only in Jesus himself.
    In the Old Testament in the Bible, Passover is often referred to as Passover or also often spelled with other words, namely Passover which comes from the Hebrew word.
    Pascha in the Greek state is a celebration of the liberation of the Israelites from the land of Egypt, at which time the ceremony of "unleavened bread" and offerings for the firstborn were held.

In the New Testament

In line with the meaning of Easter in the Old Testament, Easter also has an important role in the New Testament. The New Testament shows the love, grace, and power given by our Father. Delivering His people whose people are His from the origin of curse and death, by freeing believers from the bondage of sin, and also providing clear assurance of eternal resurrection at the end of time. The resurrection at the end of time which has been proven at the time of the resurrection of Jesus by experiencing a lot of suffering and the events experienced by the Lord Jesus is the event of his crucifixion. This is evidenced in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus who is eternal and eternal in his life.

The events commemorated in the New Testament are as follows:

    The events of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ not only have the same exodus meaning as the Jewish Passover.
    The feast of “Unleavened Bread” held on Friday evening later became a commemoration of the “Evening Meal” performed by Jesus and his apostles.
    The banquet ceremony was later made a "good Friday" commemoration in the Christian calendar. Even so, the ceremony of eating the bread of the banquet is also celebrated every time the people meet in fellowship.
    The meal of the supper bread prepared for Jesus' redemption, in which He became the “Passover Lamb” on the cross (John 20:1,19,26, Acts 20:1, Corinthians 16:20, Revelation 1:10).
    The weekly celebration of the resurrection of Jesus is what clearly proves that the event of Jesus' resurrection occurred in history, in space and time, because in the "Sabbath" celebration that was so strictly followed by the Jews in the pre-Christian period.

The Origins of Passover in Judaism

Passover is actually a word that comes from the Hebrew Bible, which is often first mentioned by Exodus. In the English translated sentence this is to be Passover which if we interpret it is to skip. Passover is also allegedly taken from the word Jewish state taken from the Keni word which is given a newer meaning of the state of Israel. According to the Israelites, the meaning of the word Peni for him was the release of the Jewish state from slavery by the Egyptian state.

This Easter celebration is also located in the Bible Exodus 12:11 which reads like this: "Hurry up and eat it, this is the Passover to the LORD." Easter itself cannot be set on the same day every year like Christmas, which is the birthday of the Lord Jesus, which is celebrated on the same day every year. Easter can be predicted to be seen on the Easter full moon, which falls later in the first week that is the day of the Easter Feast. However, Easter itself always falls on the Sunday we commemorate after the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter full moon is on its fourteenth day which usually falls on March 21. This date is also often commemorated as the Season of the Sun, which is often referred to by the ecclesiastical.
Worship on Easter that is often commemorated

It's not just Christmas which has many special events, and has many days of celebration. Easter is also one of the celebrations of Christians who also have many commemorations, before Easter, before Easter, and Easter itself. Some of these celebrations are often referred to by various names of events, the names of Easter are as follows:

    Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday itself is also commonly known by Christians as the day of welcoming the Lord Jesus. Because many have followed Jesus and that the teachings that have been conveyed by Jesus are real and everyone has started to follow Jesus' teachings a lot. Jesus was the first to perform miracles on people who were suffering. Initially, many people did not believe and thought that Jesus used knowledge from God. However, after performing many miracles many people believed and wanted to follow the teachings of God's commandments.

    Way of the Cross

The event of the way of the cross is usually carried out on the day before Easter begins to arrive. This way of the cross is usually done by Catholics who worship while one person represents holding a property in the shape of a cross. Usually doing this way of the cross when one month of Easter will arrive, doing this way of the cross is usually done on Friday once a week. This is done to appreciate the Lord Jesus and always remember what the Lord Jesus has done in this world to save us. The Way of the Cross is often held annually by Catholics. Not only the Church, but even Catholic schools participate in this way of the cross in order to get closer to the Lord Jesus.

    Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is usually celebrated before Easter arrives or is celebrated. Maundy Thursday itself is the day before the Lord Jesus will leave His life. This Holy Thursday is held on the Lord Jesus Himself who calls His disciples to come to their banquet. Then the Lord washed the feet of His disciples one by one, clean. This incident also reminds us of the last day of the Lord Jesus' supper with His disciples. Prior to performing the foot care, Jesus himself held a supper where Jesus distributed the bread which represented His body and the wine as the blood of Christ.

    good Friday

The anniversary that is often commemorated by other Christians is the feast of Good Friday. Good Friday is the day Jesus died. Where on Good Friday Jesus was sold by one of His disciples so that Jesus was crucified. Jesus himself experienced much of the atrocities he experienced before being crucified. Jesus endured countless lashes, humiliations, and even had to carry a very heavy cross. Until finally it was Jesus who had to be crucified, because of the fault of His own people who had fallen very far in various sins. Jesus who was only crucified because of his mistake only warned the Israelites not to sell in the Father's Temple, because it was a place of worship.


Easter itself is known to be a day of celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the Lord who had suffered tribulation on the cross on this Friday, then rose on this third day. The resurrection of the Lord Jesus which proves that Jesus has triumphed over the existence of the devil. God managed to atone for all the sins of all humans, by giving up His life. After Jesus was resurrected, Jesus told it to His disciples and also to his beloved Mother, Mother Mary. Jesus who tells them that we have won, and are free from the bonds of sin and negative things. Jesus taught us to start drawing closer to the Father and participate in his teachings to proclaim it to those who do not know him.

    Pentecost Day

Passing a few days after Easter, usually Christians will also celebrate the day, namely Pentecost. Pentecost Day which means the day of the ascension of the Lord Jesus to heaven to meet our Father in heaven, the Father. Moments of the day, very touching for us, as well as for the disciples of Christ. Because according to his disciples he would never have another chance to meet Jesus. However, Jesus often said remember I am always near you and by your side I am always watching and watching over you in the world. God will never leave us, he is still watching and protecting us until now. Only in its place did the Lord return to the eternal home of the Father.
 Things That Are Insecure With Easter Celebrations

Easter is definitely a warm moment for your family, Easter gives a unique color and is very memorable for our family. This Easter moment is definitely hard to miss or forget when we hold our events with our families. In addition, there are many very intimate celebrations in this Easter moment, when we are at church or outside the church such as schools. Easter also has its own special moments as well as in the celebration of Christmas. Easter also has identical symbols in the Easter celebration as follows:

1. Easter Eggs

This Easter egg celebration moment is usually carried out at various church events and other events in celebration of the Easter moment. Eggs are usually decorated in an interesting and unique way, many are also decorated as a picture of the Lord Jesus as well as the disciples of Jesus and the Virgin Mary himself. Usually the best egg decoration will get a prize from the organization of the event. Then after that they usually eat the eggs they decorated earlier, eating these eggs together. This Easter egg moment also teaches us to get to know each other, the introduction of the Lord Jesus with the teachings he conveyed in this Easter moment. There are also reasons why Easter eggs are so closely identified with Easter as follows:

    For Christians, eggs are a symbol of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Eggs are not living and cannot move, but have real life in them that develop and will hatch.
    During fasting before Easter begins, Christians are prohibited or also not allowed to eat eggs. In America itself, they usually commemorate and celebrate Pancake Day before starting the fasting day of Lent. Pancake Day aims to close and leave the habit of eating eggs in their daily lives. And when Easter arrives, eggs are back on the menu.
     It is not uncommon for Easter eggs to be dipped and colored in various colors. But, traditionally, and the color that is often used is red as a symbol of the blood of Jesus who was shed blood because he was nailed to the cross.
    The hard egg shell symbolizes the sealing of Jesus' tomb. After the fracture, Christians symbolized it as the resurrection of Jesus from the torments of suffering and death.
    Easter is the defeat of death and sin through the resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, Christians commemorate Easter as a marker of the start of their new life by arranging colorful eggs as home decorations.

2. Rabbit

Rabbits are also often referred to as the entry of Easter worship celebrations, this is because rabbits grow fast. The rabbit symbol is also a fertility symbol for Easter, the rabbit is often referred to as a symbol of spring. The rabbit which is described by many as carrying a gift of eggs is considered to bring peace to Christ's resurrection. And share it with everyone with the glad tidings.

3. Bread and Wine

Bread and wine is also one of the events in Easter, Christians will usually have an event to distribute bread and wine to all members of the Church. However, the formation of the bread is only as white bread and the wine is only as syrup. The gift of bread and wine is usually given when the event is entering Good Friday. Bread and wine will usually be given in the middle of the Good Friday service.

So, those are a few reviews about Easter articles that you might be able to read and you can share your Easter life with your relatives or your family. Easter gives a unique impression to each of our own lives, Easter also gives its own meaning in each Christian's life. Easter also has the same index, especially with Christmas, so Easter can be known by many Christians with extraordinary worship that is synonymous with a certain thing.

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