The Purpose of the Lord's Supper in the Christian Life


The Holy Communion or what is commonly called the sacrament of the Eucharist by Catholics is a sacrament that is a direct command of Jesus. Both Catholics and Protestants observe the holy communion as an important sacrament because it is the pinnacle of faith in the Christian life. In the Catholic tradition, the Eucharist is performed weekly. Whereas in the Protestant stream, the holy communion is performed only on big days. For example, at the beginning of the month or the end of the month. And those who can enjoy the holy communion are those who have performed the sacrament of baptism.

The basis for the administration of the sacrament of Holy Communion is found in the Bible, namely in 1 Corinthians 11: 24-25. In that verse Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of Me. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me!" From this verse we can conclude that Jesus' request was not only addressed to His disciples at that time, but also to His followers in the future. Jesus wants all of us who believe in Him to always remember Him and His sacrifice. Why is it so important for Christians to observe the holy communion?

Well, here is the purpose of the holy communion, among them:

    Remembering Sin and Mistakes

1 Corinthians 11:28 says, let us test ourselves before eating bread and drinking wine. The meaning of this verse is that we should remember our sins before enjoying the holy communion. Or maybe our hearts are still dirty and full of hatred. We should cleanse our hearts first before eating bread and wine. Admitting wrongdoing, repenting of sin, and intending not to repeat it again.

    Remembering Jesus and His sacrifice

This is the main purpose of the holy communion, which is to remember the sacrifice of Jesus. Perhaps often when we remember our faults, weaknesses, and sins during the sacrament, we feel intimidated, so that we feel unworthy to eat His Body and drink His Blood. But really, that's not what Jesus wanted. He wants us to feel His love, forgiveness of sins, and His sacrifice. He wants us to believe that all curses, death, punishment, and sickness are his responsibility, and that our lives have been paid for so that we are fully His. Nothing can take His love away from us.


According to Christian belief, Jesus was crucified once and for all. And the purpose of the holy communion is that we obtain the fruits of redemption, which include salvation, healing, restoration, and so on. When the Lord Jesus ate His last supper with His disciples, He said that the bread and wine in His hands were His Body and Blood.

The Christian faith believes that when Jesus said that sentence, the bread and wine were really the Body and Blood of Christ that had the power to sanctify. Therefore, before the holy communion the pastor will ascertain whether we believe that the bread and wine are His Body and Blood. And when we believe, then we will be born again and our lives renewed. Jesus also said in John 6:54, that whoever is His flesh and drinks His blood, He has eternal life.

    Remembering That We Have a Savior

It is very important to remember that we have a Savior and to remember that we are saved. Why? To realize that we have become independent. Free from death, free from sin, free from the temptations of the devil. Humans do have many weaknesses that make them prone to sin, but once again, Jesus has paid for them.

Don't let us get caught up in guilt. If sins make us give up, then the devil will win. What Jesus wants is for us to be aware, try not to repeat sin, and move forward. Jesus wants us to have a purpose, a life, and a bright future. That is why we need to remember the Savior, so that we also remember that we are free human beings.

    Recovering Physically and Spiritually

Sometimes people are influenced by negative things outside of themselves. Either mentally or physically. Maybe in terms of health due to illness, mental weakness, despair, negative thoughts, or other things that interfere with our lives. Through the holy communion, we believe that the blood of Jesus removes the things that bother us. So that we can be healthy physically and spiritually.

    Renewing Faith, Hope, and Love

The Lord's Supper can be a moment to draw us closer to Christ. By confessing our sins and remembering that Jesus is the Savior, we will feel more how great the love of God who will always forgive us. He redeemed sinners and set them free. So that we can find a new life without the shadow of sin, more trust in Him, and a life full of joy and hope.

     Remembering the Importance of the Guild

The supper when Jesus asked to make bread and wine in remembrance of Him was in the form of fellowship with His disciples. And that is the hallmark of the Lord's Supper. That's why in practice now the Lord's Supper is held in the church with the congregation. So that they together remember His saving work and unite in the body of Christ. In addition, the Lord's Supper has the meaning of unification, namely the union of people who believe in the Trinity father. As Paul did in the New Testament, he sought to unify the divisions the Corinthian church was experiencing through the Lord's Supper.

Those are some reviews about what the purpose of the Holy Communion is that you can know which is usually done by the Christian life.

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