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The Gift of the Holy Spirit in the Church

In daily life, humans experience a lot of problems, both small and complex problems. In every problem, you need to know that God is always around you. He is watching you as you mourn your life. Maybe, your problem is about finance, where you have to pay your children's school fees as soon as possible, because they are in arrears. Or even you don't have food in your kitchen anymore, so you are confused about what to say to your children when they feel hungry and ask to eat right away. In fact, everything that we have gained, we should be grateful for. In everything, learn to be grateful. With gratitude, it means that you are happy with the way of life that has been planned by God. In distress, usually people will get closer and more and ask God, because in fact he is aware that only God is the right place for complaints for him. God can help you in any way. He can give you a Spirit where that Spirit can make you calmer and more joyful. Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Every Churc

Tattoo Law in Christianity

 It seems that art is already very popular with the public. There are many ways in which people express art in their lives. Some are through music and also through images. People who have high artistic spirits should be grateful. This is due to the increasing desire of the community for a work related to art. You can get extra income through the music you make, be it you who make the instruments or even you work as a voice actor that is the singer. In addition, payment for an artist is also quite good so you are encouraged to plant a love of art. It's from love that you can move to make extra money. Apart from using music as an alternative, you also can certainly sell your pictures. Indeed, drawing is one hobby that not everyone has. This is an additional point for those of you who like to draw. In addition, the payment for an image can be classified as good. However, it must be recognized that in drawing we do have to gather deep intentions and of course integrated with your ab

Benefits of Praying for Christians

Learning from Jesus' example makes us also have to continue to struggle to forgive and love others, even though it is our enemy or the person who persecuted us. How can this be done? Therefore, pray! By praying, the Holy Spirit will enable us to love them. God who because of His love and justice revealed Himself through dreams to Abimelech and gave the consequences for his actions by closing the womb of every woman in his palace. But Abraham prayed to God and God healed Abimelech and his wife and his slaves. As a Christian, prayer is as important as reading the word. Prayer which is the breath of the life of a believer certainly has benefits so it is done. What are the benefits of praying for Christians? Here are some reviews of some of the benefits of prayer for Christians you need to know as follows: 1. Prayer Provides Healing "Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelech and his wife and their slaves, so that they gave birth to children. (Genesis 20: 17) Certain

The Meaning of Pentecost for Christians

 In Christianity there are various kinds of celebrations about the greatness of God. Starting from God descended into the world in human form born of a virgin to God present in the form of the Holy Spirit. Every true celebration is something that is pleasing to Christians. Through the birth of the Lord Jesus, Christians are given a guarantee that they will be saved. Through the death of Christ, Christians are given the understanding that God is all-loving. Until finally God is present in the form of the Holy Spirit also makes people should be aware of God's love that never goes away, even though the human is very sinful. Pentecost Day is the day when the Holy Spirit descends on earth. Initially, the day of Pentecost was commemorated by the Jews where it was written to them that they were obliged to celebrate that day. After 7 weeks they feel happy, celebrating the resurrection of Christ, it's time for them to also celebrate the day of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Joy is of

The Meaning of Catholic Bible Study of Prayer

In Indonesia, of course every person has a religion in which their rights in religion and carrying out their religious regulations are protected by the law. That is why everyone in Indonesia must have prayed because that is what was taught to them since they were little. There is no religion that has evil intentions and every religion certainly has its own way of glorifying God. Of course in Indonesia it is expected that there is tolerance in religion especially if there are 2 religions that are next to each other but must still be used as a container in worshiping the Almighty. For followers of Christ, both Christians and Catholics, of course they are also expected to be able to carry out the rules of their religion. The deepening of the Catholic Bible about prayer is one of the things that is very close in these two religions. The Catholics believe strongly in the efficacy of prayer. Prayer is believed to change everything. Therefore, many Catholics who pray to get closer to God.

Definition of Parish in the Catholic Church

Many people say 'I'm from parish A' or 'I'm from parish B'. The word parish itself is usually used by Catholics to ask where someone is a member of the church. In short, people often replace the mention of the word 'church' with 'parish'. The word 'parish' itself comes from the Greek parokein which means traveler or wanderer. However, the parish is currently describing the division of the church congregation. The parish system is not set up to give special boxes to church members. Parish understanding systems are formed to encourage congregants to be more active and more participatory in church services. Congregations are encouraged to fellowship not limited to days and space, but also within their area of ​​residence. Congregations are invited to pay attention to each other starting from fellow congregations around his house. The parish understanding system exists in the hope that the way of life of the early church (Acts 2: 41-47) ca

Understanding the Liturgy in the Christian and Catholic Churches

However, the worship room is not a recreation room where people can freely do as they wish. Worship must run regularly so it needs to be determined when the congregation can participate in worship and what they need to do. With this basis, the order of worship was finally made and this is what is now commonly referred to as liturgy. So, the word liturgy in this article will refer to the meaning of worship. By using the meaning of the word worship as it is commonly used today and with the meaning of the liturgy itself, the congregation cannot just sit still, and watch in worship. Worship is not a concert or seminar that only goes in one direction. Congregations can contribute by singing praise, praying, giving offerings, and so forth. Even so, the liturgy does not merely belong to rigid liturgical worship patterns. All patterns of worship have their respective liturgies and all the liturgies refer to the same structure. This structure is commonly called the Four-Fold Pattern of Wors

The Law of Love in the Christian Bible

God teaches us to love others indiscriminately. He always wants us to do good and spread love to others. Because God is a loving God. "Remember thy mercy and thy love, O Lord, for these have been from time immemorial." (Psalm 25: 6) Therefore, God established all the laws of love so that humans could apply them in every line of life. What are these laws? Here are fifteen laws of love found in the Bible.     Love the enemy "But to you who listen to me, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you; But you, love your enemies and do good to them and lend by not expecting anything in return, then your reward will be great and you will be the children of the Most High God, because He is kind to those who are ungrateful and against bad people " (Luke 6:27 and 35) This law of love in the Bible taught by God is not easy for those of us who have human instincts. Most of us think of our enemies as hostile people for doing bad things to us. The purpose and purpo

The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of Believers and Christians

As people who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, surely we must also invite the Holy Spirit to enter our lives. After the baptism which means to take away from all sins and rise to a new person, the person will experience the second baptism. This baptism is called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has a different role from Jesus and the Father. If you want to know the role of the Holy Spirit, then read this article to the end in order to know and apply it. Here are 27 roles of holy spirit in the lives of believers.     The Holy Spirit is the Comforter Spirit "But the Comforter, that is the Holy Spirit, who will be sent by the Father in my name, He will teach you all things and will remind you of all that I have told you." (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit is often called the comforting spirit. The Holy Spirit is the person given to His people after Jesus ascended to heaven.     The Holy Spirit is a Helping Spirit "I will ask the Father, and He will g