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The Meaning of Christmas History Traditions December 25

    This Christmas is one of the Christian celebrations that is always celebrated every year which falls on December 25. The meaning of Christmas itself was first used in Portuguese, which means birthday. However, some places celebrate Christmas not only on December 25, the Orthodox church celebrates Christmas which falls on January 6. Christmas itself is often referred to as the birth of a Savior, who will save us from misery and from the death of our sins. Before Christmas falls on December 25, the previous Christmas is celebrated on January 6. However, many are protesting the issue of the day of the fall of Christmas. On January 6 in Europe, the day is commemorated as the day of worship of the sun god. Pope Liberius replaced the new anniversary Christmas in about 325-354, which made Christmas December 25th. The more people who warn Christmas to be December 25th, the more Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Then, December 25 was made the official date of Christmas

The Meaning of the Sacrament of Holy Oil in Catholic Life

  One of the rituals found in Christianity is the sacrament. The sacrament is a means of bestowing grace on the believer. In the Catholic stream itself there are seven sacraments by way of worship of the Catholic religion, each of which has a specific meaning, one of which is the sacrament of holy oil. Of the seven sacraments are divided into three types, namely initiation, healing, and calling. The sacrament of holy oil is included in the types of sacraments of healing. There are two stages in the implementation of this ritual. First, the liturgy of the word, then second, the anointing of the holy oil performed by the priest by applying the blessed oil on the forehead and hands of the sick person. In the early Catholic church hierarchy, the sacrament of holy oil or commonly called the anointing of the sick was performed only for someone who was dying or nearing death. The goal is to send man to the next life. As a result, many people are afraid to partake of this sacrament, so the mor

The Meaning of the Sacrament of the Eucharist in Catholic Life

  The Eucharist is one of the sacraments/rituals in Catholicism which is routinely performed every week during worship. The Eucharist is also considered the source and summit of all Christian life. The term Eucharist comes from the Greek word meaning to give thanks or to give thanks. Its implementation is identical with the presence of bread and wine. This is because of the meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ himself which asks His people to make bread and wine in remembrance of Him. There are some people who still question why the Eucharist is performed. There are three reasons why Catholics celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist. First, because they want to obey the commandments of Jesus. Second, the Lord's Supper is the last message of Jesus. And lastly, the Eucharist that is carried out with the whole congregation aims to make the congregation always remember God's saving work. This is the meaning of the sacrament of the Eucharist:     Reminder of God's saving work B

True Christian Character According to Bible Teaching

  To fulfill the character as a Christian leadership must meet the standards to be a character of faith and godliness and will still be in accordance with the path of the father's righteousness on the principles of the church towards politics. In addition, to meet the needs of Christian leadership, it is required to begin to develop the godly character that exists in ordinary people to turn on the human side and leadership that they can do according to the law of love in the Bible. There are problems nowadays and many make teachings and spiritual values ​​that everyone has by committing crimes according to the history of Christianity. Many claim that with what has happened, it must be in accordance with the evidence and facts that have been determined. In the article it is emphasized that the Bible will always warn that some sectors that have bad character will develop in the last days. (Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5) True Christian character will make us see from a different perspective, t