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Important Rules Concerning the Prohibition of Polygamy in the Gospels

  The Father gave authority to Jesus Christ regarding establishing a standard law of love in the Bible in having a wife, namely monogamy. It is true that the Father once allowed a man to have more than one wife but in fact polygamy did not come from the Father, but gave one wife to Adam. We cannot judge a sinner or not based on what he does, we must understand the meaning of sin according to the Bible In the History of Christianity and in the Bible it says, Jesus Christ has the authority to establish monogamy (John 8:28) Jesus Christ answered the question about marriage that, "He who created them from the beginning made them male and female and said, "Because for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and will stick to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” -Matthew 19:4 The prohibition of polygamy is regulated in the Bible which states that in order to accept special responsibilities in the Christian congregation, a married man must be "husband of one

Characteristics of the End-Time Immigrant Devil Church

   The church of the devil is nothing new. From the beginning of church history, teachings that deviate from the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God have existed. The followers of this church usually target infant Christians. The Bible also records this.     2 Peter 2: 1-3 For as the false prophets have appeared among the Father's people, even so there will also be false teachers among you. They will introduce destructive heresies, in fact they will deny the Ruler who has redeemed them and thus bring destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their lustful ways of life, and because of them the Path of Truth will be blasphemed. And because of their greed the false teachers will try to profit from you with their thumb-sucking stories. But for their deeds punishment has long been available and destruction will not be delayed. As a Christian, we must recognize the characteristics of the satanic church so that it is not easily influenced and also to guide the Christians around us.

The Ideal Christian Family According to the Bible

  A website asks their subscribers the criteria for an ideal Christian family. The answers collected are very interesting, some say that the ideal Christian family is a family that understands the fear of God, teaches a close relationship with God, a family that serves, and a family that has been saved. There are also those who answered a peaceful family, the things forgiving in the Bible appreciate and forgive, and endure to the end. Ideal means very much in accordance with what is aspired, imagined, or desired. When it comes to goals, most people definitely have different goals from one another. Not surprisingly, the definition of the ideal Christian family that was put forward by the subscribers of the Christian website was different. The answers actually describe the dream and give a little picture of their experience with the family. If you're reading this article right now, you can guess that you want to know what the ideal family according to the Bible is like. But maybe you

How to Worship Catholic Religion with the Sacrament and Devotion of Our Lady

  Catholicism is the second largest religion in the world after Sunni Islam. Catholicism is also the largest Christian sect, with more than 1 billion followers in 2010, more than half of all Christians. Oftentimes, each religion in different countries has its own way of worshiping, but Catholics around the world have a common protocol for worship, as follows: 1. Making the Sign of the Cross The most basic thing is to make the sign of the cross using the finger of the right hand (you can use the index finger, or all four fingers folded together) starting from the forehead, left front shoulder, right front shoulder, and in the middle of the lower chest (right on the bone). chest). While doing the sign of the cross, Catholics will say "In the name of the Father (hand on forehead), Son (left-right shoulder), and Holy Spirit (bottom chest), Amen". The sign of the cross is the beginning and end of prayer, worship, and mass in Catholicism. Often, Catholics also use the sign of the c

The Foundation of the Catholic Faith

Catholics are Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is God who came to earth to save mankind. Almost all Protestant denominations say that the Bible is the source of the Christian Faith but not the Catholic church. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church accepts Scripture as the basis of faith but is not the only one. One of the most fundamental differences between Christianity and Catholicism is the practice of belief or belief through faith. However, essential Catholic beliefs include the following: The Bible is the meaning of the Bible. The Bible contains the inspired, error-free, and revealed Word of God. Baptism is a part of the Catholic sacrament that is necessary for church members to gain salvation. The Ten Commandments given by the Father can provide moral guidance – a standard of Christian ethical characteristics for living in Christ. The existence of the Most Holy Trinity – one God in three persons. Catholics hold the belief that God, the Supreme Being, consists of three per

Biblical Christian Ethical Principles

   As Christians, it is important for us to have and be involved in a fellowship as a group where we can get to know each other and we can pray for and motivate one another and we will grow together in Jesus Christ and know the church's principles regarding politics. So it must be how Christians must have principles to live life and indeed they should be in a fellowship so that it can run well. This article will explain how the principles of Christian ethics written and regulated in the Bible comply with the law of love in the Bible.      Openness (1 John 1: 7) Allah has the nature of light and in that light there is nothing to hide. This also applies in the fellowship, openness is something that must be prioritized in order to establish a good fellowship in accordance with the history of Christianity. The openness that is carried out in the community is the beginning of raising honesty and also the existence of trust that exists among members of the community and is the goal of Ch

The Christian Law Teaching Kills According to the Bible

   The law of killing and killing behavior does not have any teaching that will justify it. The Lord Jesus can provide a moral and ethical revolution, while refining morals to their source and recognizing the church's principles regarding politics. According to Christian teachings, sin does not begin with actions, but can be seen from thoughts, feelings and desires. For the Lord Jesus, not only murder but seen from the roots that will start from the anger and hatred that is in the heart. Starting from anger and hatred, killing behavior will occur. We must be able to endure the hatred that is in our hearts to be able to prevent actions that end up committing grave sins and claiming someone's life. Because anger and hatred are at the root of murder and the devil becomes the father of the murderer. Starting from a murder must be investigated and that must be eradicated and punished. The Lord Jesus will not tolerate the crime of murder, regardless of the reason and whoever God they