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Bible Examples of Faithfulness You Can Imitate

 Faithfulness is one of the attributes of God. In everyday life, such as a relationship with God and fellow loyalty is very necessary. We need to remember that there are 9 fruits of holy spirit, namely:     Love, the law of love in the Bible says to love God and our fellow humans.     Joy, if we are filled with love we will always rejoice.     Peace, God will fill the emptiness of our hearts with peace.     Patience, God wants us to be patient.     Mercy, God also sends us to be generous to anyone.     Kindness, do good indiscriminately.     Loyalty, be faithful because our God is faithful then, now, and forever.     Meekness, God teaches us to have a meek heart.     Self-control, we must be able to control ourselves so as not to fall into sin. So it can be said that faithfulness is one of the 9 spiritual fruits that God teaches examples of faithfulness in the Bible. Proverbs says, many people call themselves kind but, it is rare to find a person who is loyal. Loyalty has many definiti

The Destructive Consequences of Sin According to the Bible

  The definition of sin according to the Bible itself is basically our attitude that rejects the merciful love God has given us. The existence of sin itself stems from the attitude of the devil who was originally an angel who abused his free will to oppose God. We ourselves as humans also have free will to do good or wrong things. Because our carnal desires are stronger than our spiritual desires, we as humans will tend to fall repeatedly into sin. If this situation continues like this, that is, we continue to fall into sin, then there will be several consequences of sin according to the Bible that will occur. Sin turns us away from God and instead draws us closer to evil demons. However, let me invite you to find out more about some of the consequences that can be caused by a sin, as follows: 1. Damaging the relationship between God and humans In the beginning, God created man as a creature He loved so much and will continue to be that way. The existence of sins caused by the persuasi

The objective of the Reform Church

  The situation before the understanding of church reform was the fall of the ancient Roman empire which caused Europe to be in chaos at that time. European society experienced a gloomy period at that time which was known as the dark age or age. At that time, social life in Europe was dominated by the largest Church in the world, which means that the church exerts influence from all aspects, from social aspects to cultural aspects in Europe, so that the church forgets its identity. The church is more concerned with itself, such as gaining wider power or more abundant wealth and worse, they forget the interests of their congregations. At that time, the church began to collect large amounts of taxes, this gave abundant wealth to the church, but, unfortunately, the church was instead busy building luxurious churches in Vantik and spending the money they collected from the congregation. This has prompted activists to immediately carry out reforms and break away from Roman Catholicism and w

Basic Principles of Christian Marriage for Harmonious Families

   Planning a wedding is not an easy thing. Marriage is like a long journey. On a journey, the first thing we have to know is, "Where is it going?" Likewise with Christian marriages, both parties must both know what the purpose of Christian marriage is. Is it to have offspring who will take care of us in our old age? Is it so that we won't be lonely? Is it because of prestige? Or is it a necessity or coercion from the family and society? To have the right purpose in marriage, we first need to know the basic principles in the basic principles of Christian marriage. This principle will be the basis for thinking, feeling, and acting throughout our marriage journey. In addition, knowing the basic principles will also be useful for those of us who are looking for a partner as well as for young couples who are planning a wedding. 1. Initiative from God When talking about marriage, it is most appropriate for us to return to reading the story of the first couple in the world, nam

Heresy in Christianity

 Cults actually exist in every religion in the world, including Christianity. Heresy in a religion has existed since that religion was founded. This is a teaching that violates the correct teaching, meaning that it deviates from the official teachings of a religion. Cults in Christianity must have appeared a lot since Christianity began to exist, at the beginning of the first century AD. Over time, this heretical sect has become more modern, expanded throughout the world, even has its own hierarchy and the Bible itself, and its spread is funded by their central hierarchy. As the size and convenience of transportation routes and communication systems grew, these heretical sects spread throughout the world. They even have their own "church", sometimes as large as a typical church. Because at first glance it looks like Christian teachings in general, these heretical sects are easy to get new congregations so that their spread is even faster. 1. Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah

Adventist Prohibited Food Restrictions

  All over the world, everyone chooses to eat or avoid certain foods depending on their beliefs or religion. Throughout the centuries, certain beliefs or religions have been part of the life of the Church as the body of Christ. The Gospels in the verse of Proverbs are filled with warnings not to enjoy wine and liquor (Proverbs 20: 1; 21:17; 23: 29-35; 31: 4). In the end the wine emits a poison that is as dangerous as a viper (Proverbs 23:32). Daniel and his associates set an example of proper Christian ethics by refusing to drink the wine given by the king (Daniel 1: 5-16). During a later fast, Daniel abstained from drinking wine (Daniel 10: 3). The advice of nutritionists is not only based on scientific findings, but also in accordance with the teachings of the Bible about behavior based on the goals of Christian worship. For Seventh-day Adventists, an unclean food will not make them any holier. Illegal food is included in the category of "defiling". "To defile" in