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The Meaning of Jesus' Passion and Death in the Salvation of the World

  Death according to Christianity is not the end of everything but, there are some basic questions about what the passion of Jesus' death was like? Why did He have to suffer and die? Why was the crucifixion of Jesus so terrible? What can we take away from the death of Jesus? and how do we judge suffering? Such questions often come out of our mouths. Therefore, let us examine the meaning of the passion and death of Jesus: 1. Jesus' death was a consequence of the message about God's kingdom Jesus already gave an example of how to grow and bear fruit in Christ by preaching about the kingdom of God. Jesus' death cannot be separated from the history of His work and His life. Jesus has given us an example of what the goal of Christian life is. Jesus already took a risk with His sufferings and tribulations that He endured. Jesus also told His disciples that He would suffer and die on the cross. Jesus' task was to preach the kingdom of God which He did through His words and

History of the Sabbath from Creation to the Present

  We must have heard of the Sabbath many times. In this article, I will try to explain the history of the Sabbath, and why many Christians observe the Sabbath on Sundays. The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, which is Saturday. The Sabbath is the only day that the Bible refers to as a day of worship and rest. Most Christian churches have worship activities on Sunday, the first day of the week. Many call Sunday "the Lord's Day"; some call Sundays "the Christian Sabbath." Gradually, the first day of the week (now called Sunday) gained prominence as an additional day, but was eventually established to replace the Sabbath by the civil and religious authorities. The first law code to legalize this is the Law of Constantine (Constantine) in 321 AD. Over the next several centuries, people continued to observe the Sabbath in secret. The Development of the Sabbath Day in the Old Testament The seventh-day Sabbath has a lot of history in the entire period of human hi

The Biblical Origin of Sin and the Christian Viewpoint of Faith

At the beginning of creation Lord created the heavens and the earth. Then Lord created everything until finally He created the first man, Adam and Eve as his companion to help protect and care for all of Lord's creations. Until in the end, Lord forbade His human creation to eat the forbidden fruit in the middle of the garden which in the end was also eaten by Adam and Eve because of the persuasion of the devil. This devil made sin exist. In the beginning angels had free will to determine and do what they wanted to do. The existence of an angel's rebellion against God made the angel turn into a devil. Just like angels, God the Father has gifted us with three abilities that make us different from the rest of God's creations. These abilities are free will, reason, and conscience. Free will is the ability we have to choose and decide to do something whether it is the right thing or the wrong thing. There is a function of baptism Before you read further about the origin of sin,

Terms of Christian Marriage

  At the time of human creation, God said: "It is not good if man is alone. I will make a helper for him, who is equal to him. " (Gen. 2:18). From the beginning, God did not create humans to live alone. Allah created humans to live in pairs. Therefore, marriage is a good thing for humans to do. Marriage is a relationship that is willed by God. In Christianity, marriage is something holy and glorious. Marriage is not just about conveying Christian marriage vows. In Ephesians 5:32, Paul says that the marriage relationship should be like Christ's relationship with the church. Marriage becomes a means for God to show His love for humans. Therefore, marriage must be a legal and confirmed relationship in Christ. Terms of Marriage according to Religion Although these are governed by Catholics, these rules are based on the Bible and so also apply to Protestants. The prospective groom has not reached the canonical age of 16 years and for the woman has not reached the age of 14. Th

Definition of the Reformative Church Diakonia and Koinonia Marturia

The church is not the building. This statement is familiar to us and is able to change our mindset about what the real church is. It is not a matter of legality so as to succeed in establishing a particular denomination that is still based on belief in Christ, but the church is about an association of people who already believe in Christ or a particular community anywhere who does His will and desire. So if we have a fellowship on campus or in a certain environment such as a house / boarding house, then that is also called a "church", although more often we call it a student fellowship / hallway / neighborhood association. The church will not be able to stand if there is no vision that is captured and carried out as a commandment from God. If there is a church that doesn't work on His vision, then it's not a church, it's just a building or just an obscure organization. God's vision is very clear for us, which is to go to make disciples of all nations (Matthew

Polygamy According to the Bible: Prohibition and Legal

  Polygamy according to the Bible is a familiar thing to our ears. If we look at the history that is already written in the Bible, there are not a few cases of polygamy in the Old Testament. One person we know by the nickname 'Father of believers' is one of them. He married Sara, Hagar, Ketura. Another person we know as "Israel" did that too. He married Zilpa, Rachel, Bilha, and Leah. A man who we know as "full of wisdom and wisdom" like King Solomon, he apparently had many wives and concubines. And there are many other biblical figures such as David, Lamech, Moses, and we can see that they are the kings or prophets. In other words, not a commoner and they did that. And if we explore deeper, there are many problems that occurred to this Bible character due to the polygamy case he committed. In Abraham's family which resulted in the sin of jealousy between Sarah and Hagar. Solomon's family made him commit spiritual adultery against God by worshiping